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Is September 17, 2021 an auspicious day? Today is an auspicious day

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your destiny is often arranged by yourself. If you don't seriously accept the various challenges brought by fate, it shows that you are also a person who is not confident enough and won't succeed. When facing some major events, we must choose an auspicious day, It is also a respect for this matter.

2021年9月17日是黄道吉日吗 本日时辰吉凶查询

is September 17, 2021 the auspicious day of the zodiac [lunar calendar] August 11, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] September 17, 2021 (Friday) [Ganzhi] Xin Chou year + Ding you month + Wu Chen day [xiangchong] long richong (renxu) dog [Sui Sha] Sui Sha Nan [auspicious time] 17:00-19:00 [happy God] Southeast [God of fortune] northeast [God of wealth] due north [Twelve Gods] Wei Zhiwei [God of value] Jin Gui (Zodiac day)

detailed explanation of good and bad luck today time good and bad luck Zi Chou Yin Mao has not applied for Youxu Haiji at noon. Good and bad luck and bad luck and bad luck and bad luck and bad luck and bad luck and bad luck and bad luck and bad luck and bad luck and bad luck and bad luck today's good time: 23:00 ~ 00:59 (midnight), 01:00 ~ 02:59 (ugly time) 07:00 ~ 08:59 (Chenshi), 13:00 ~ 14:59 (Weishi), 19:00 ~ 20:59 (Xushi)

2021年9月17日是黄道吉日吗 本日时辰吉凶查询

today in history 1900: the former six British colonies declared the establishment of the Commonwealth of Australia. 1926: Feng Yuxiang vowed to join the northern expedition. 1935: Manuel Quezon was elected the first president of the Philippines. 1948: Falk bernardott, appointed by the United Nations to mediate disputes between Arab countries and Israel, was killed by Lehi organization in Jerusalem. 1957: Malaysia becomes a member of the United Nations. 1959: General Peng Dehuai and Huang Kecheng of the Chinese people's Liberation Army were dismissed. 1965: Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry made the first synthetic insulin in the world. 1968: the oil tanker "saperus" crashed and sank in Saigon, Hong Kong, killing five people. 1974: Bangladesh, Grenada and Guinea Bissau became members of the United Nations. 1980: former Nicaraguan Anastasio Somoza de vailee in Asuncion, Paraguay. 1982: Beijing TV studio, the first TV studio in China, was officially established. 1986: Turbo Pascal version 3.02 was released. 1988: the 24th Olympic Games opened in Seoul (now Seoul). 1991: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Marshall Islands, Micronesia (Federated States of), South Korea and North Korea joined the United Nations. 1994: American scientists walk out of Biosphere 2. 1995: Flag weekly, an American political weekly, was founded. 1999: Terminal 2 of Beijing Capital International Airport opened... 2001: Typhoon Nari caused serious flooding of Taipei station in Taipei, Taiwan since the afternoon.

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