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Good or bad luck is September 19, 2021 an auspicious day? What time is auspicious

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many people treat it casually because of some major events, so the future luck may not be particularly ideal, so we should choose a suitable time and be willing to pay absolute energy for it. The choice of a auspicious day is very important, What should be done and what should not be done on this day must also be understood clearly, otherwise it will not only affect the fortune of oneself but also the whole family.

时辰吉凶 2021年9月19日是黄道吉日吗 几点吉利

is September 19, 2021 the auspicious day of the zodiac [lunar calendar] August 13, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] September 19, 2021 (Sunday) [Ganzhi] Xin Chou year + Ding you month + Geng Wu day [xiangchong] Ma richong (Jiazi) rat [shisha] shisha North [auspicious time] it's 9:00-11:00 [happy God] Northwest [God of fortune] southwest [God of wealth] due east [Twelve Gods] receiving position [value God] white tiger (underworld day)


today's time detailed explanation of good and bad times good and bad times son Chou Yin Mao has not applied for Youxu Hai in the afternoon. What time is today's good time: 01:00 ~ 02:59 (Chou Shi), 03:00 ~ 04:59 (Yin Shi) 09:00 ~ 10:59 (Si Shi), 13:00 ~ 14:59 (Wei Shi), 15:00 ~ 16:59 (Shen Shi), 17:00 ~ 18:59 (you shi), 21:00 ~ 22:59 (Hai Shi)

时辰吉凶 2021年9月19日是黄道吉日吗 几点吉利

today in history 1931: the Japanese army attacking Northeast China occupied Shenyang. 1934: American textile workers strike for an increase in the minimum wage. 1949: Dong Qiwu led his troops in Suiyuan uprising. 1955: Argentine leader Juan Peron is overthrown in a coup. 1956: Egypt reclaims sovereignty over the Suez Canal. 1959: Khrushchev's visit to Disneyland was refused for security reasons. 1976: Turkish Airlines flight 452 executed by Boeing 727 crashed into a mountain in southern Turkey, killing 154 people. 1982: Hong Kong fan conflict turned into Anti Japanese riots. 1983: the Commonwealth of Saint Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean declares independence. 1985: Mexico City suffered a 7.8-magnitude earthquake, two-thirds of the buildings were damaged, at least 2000 people were killed, more than 5000 were injured and thousands were missing. 1991: two German mountaineers discover the natural mummy of the Iceman Oates on a glacier in the Alps. 1995: Washington Post and New York Times Press declaration.

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