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On the auspicious day of the ninth day of the eighth lunar month in 2021, it is advisable to inquire about today's time

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if you want to say that it is difficult to select the auspicious day of the zodiac, it is not very difficult, but it is not easy to say, because there are many points that need to be paid attention to. Many days may be good days, but you also need to combine it with your birthday to see if there will be any other changes on that day. If so, Then change the time as soon as possible.

2021年农历八月初九黄道吉日查询 今日时辰吉凶宜忌

is the ninth day of August in the lunar calendar in 2021 a auspicious day [Gregorian calendar] September 15, 2021 [lunar calendar] the ninth day of August (small) in the peasant calendar in 2021 [Hui calendar] Islamic calendar February 7, 1443 [Ganzhi calendar] Ding you month and Bing Yin day in the year of xinchou [day five elements] fire in the furnace [sun collides] Chonghou (Gengshen) Shabei [sun holding God] Zhiri [God on duty] Qinglong (auspicious star) [fetal God position] due south outside the kitchen stove

today's time is auspicious and auspicious. Zishi (evil) chongma Shanan Chongren noon sun breaking ugly time (auspicious) Chongyang Shadong Chonggui Wei Tiande enters Lu Baoguang Wuqu Yin time (evil) Chong housha in the north, Chong Jiashen, heaven, thieves, earth, soldiers, three in one, longevity Mao (auspicious) Chong Jisha in the west, Chong Yiyou jade hall into your Shaowei Chen (fierce) Chong gousha in the south, Chong BINGSHU doesn't meet Lu Kong Wuqu, the sun is already (fierce) Chong Zhusha in the East, Chong Dinghai dog food Lu Kong RI Lu five runes, noon (auspicious) When Chong rat Sha was north, Chong Wuzi built punishment, Diwang made great progress, and the commander's life was not yet ready (fierce) when Chong Niu Sha was west, Chong Jichou, colluded with Chen Liuhe Changsheng, Shen Shi (auspicious) when Chong tiger Sha was South, Chong Gengyin heavenly soldiers were happy, Qinglong post horse Youshi (auspicious) when Chong rabbit Sha was East, Chong Xinmao noble, tianamnesty Mingtang greedy wolf Xushi (fierce) When chonglongsha was in the north, chongrenchen, liuwulei and soldiers combined in three ways. When Bihai was in the right (fierce) when chongshesha was in the west, Chonggui had retreated greatly. Lu GUI and zufu

2021年农历八月初九黄道吉日查询 今日时辰吉凶宜忌

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