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Today is an auspicious day. Is September 21, 2021 an auspicious day

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the reason why we choose to watch the auspicious day is that we can give ourselves a stable inner picture, and we can do the specified things at the specified time. There will be no accidents, and we can bring ourselves good luck. Don't think it's a very feudal saying. We must believe in its existence, Only in this way can our life be very smooth and meaningful.

今天时辰吉凶详解 2021年9月21日是不是黄道吉日

is September 21, 2021 an auspicious day [lunar calendar] August 15, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] September 21, 2021 (Tuesday) [Ganzhi] Xin Chou year + Ding you month + Renshen day [xiangchong] monkey richong (Bingyin) tiger [suisha] suisha South [auspicious time] 13:00-15:00 [happy God] Zhengnan [God of fortune] southeast [God of wealth] Zhengnan [Twelve Gods] hold the [God on duty] prison (underworld day)

today's time detailed explanation of good and bad luck Zi Chou Yin Mao has not applied for Youxu Hai at noon. What's the good and bad luck today: 23:00 ~ 00:59 (midnight), 05:00 ~ 06:59 (Mao hour) 15: 00 ~ 16:59 (Shenshi), 17:00 ~ 18:59 (Youshi)

今天时辰吉凶详解 2021年9月21日是不是黄道吉日)

today in history 1776: a fire in New York City destroyed most of the city. 1802: Napoleon I annexed Piedmont. 1860: the second Opium War - the battle of Baliqiao, the Qing army was defeated, and the British and French allied forces entered Beijing. 1898: Empress Dowager Cixi launched a coup, imprisoned Emperor Guangxu, searched and arrested reformers, and the reform movement of 1898 ended. 1909: Feng Ru, a Chinese aircraft designer, succeeded in his first test flight. 1931: Shi Zhaoji, representative of the Chinese national government, formally submitted a statement to the League of nations accusing Japan of forcibly occupying the three northeastern provinces of China. 1933: Nazi Germany began the Leipzig trial on the "congressional arson case". 1937: the prequel of the Lord of the rings, the adventures of the Hobbit, created by British writer Tolkien, was published for the first time. 1942: the prototype B-29 super fortress bomber developed by Boeing company of the United States made its first test flight. 1945: Britain agrees to India's independence. 1964: Malta became independent. 1970: Palestinian commandos occupy Irbid, Jordan's second largest city. 1981: Belize became independent. 1987: the world famous Opera Aida was performed in the open-air dance hall in front of the Giza pyramid in the southwest of Cairo. 1988: Japanese rock band B'z released its first single "so will that hand" and album "B'z", and officially announced its debut. 1989: the first Chinese Film Festival opened in Beijing. 1993: Hong Kong Governor Chris Patten announced the appointment of Anson Chan to succeed Howard as Chief Secretary of Hong Kong.

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