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September 25, 2021 auspicious and ominous times the Yellow calendar inquires whether today is the auspicious day of the zodiac

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nowadays, many people, including young people and friends, will look in advance to see if today is a auspicious day and whether it is suitable for tourism. If it is suitable, we will act immediately. If not, we will cancel the activity immediately, that is, because its existence has found us a way to do things, It also tells us how to do better.

2021年9月25日吉时凶时黄历查询 今天是黄道吉日吗

is September 25, 2021 the auspicious day of the zodiac [lunar calendar] August 19, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] September 25, 2021 (Saturday) [Gan Zhi] Xin Chou year + Ding you month + C Zi day [xiangchong] rat RI Chong (Geng Wu) MA [shisha] shisha South [auspicious time] it's 9:00-11:00 [happy God] Southwest [God of fortune] northwest [God of wealth] southwest [Twelve Gods] Ping Zhiwei [God of value] Qinglong (Zodiac day)


today's time detailed explanation of good and bad luck time good and bad luck son Chou Yin Mao's time has not applied for Youxu Hai's bad luck good and bad luck good and bad luck good and bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad luck bad 09:00 ~ 10:59 (Si Shi), 15:00 ~ 16:59 (Shen Shi), 21:00 ~ 22:59 (Hai Shi)

2021年9月25日吉时凶时黄历查询 今天是黄道吉日吗

today in history 1555: the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V signed the Augsburg peace treaty with the German princes. 1660: imperial concubine Dong E of emperor Shunzhi of the Qing Dynasty was posthumously granted the title of empress duanjing. 1789: 12 amendments to the U.S. Constitution were proposed, of which the last ten were passed by the U.S. Congress, historically known as the U.S. bill of rights. The second was passed in 1992, becoming the 27th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 1924: Leifeng Tower in Hangzhou collapsed. 1937: the 115th division of the Eighth Route Army of the Chinese National Revolutionary Army successfully ambushed the Japanese baggage team in Pingxingguan, Shanxi, which is known as the great victory of Pingxingguan in history. In 1949, Tao Shiyue, deputy director of the northwest military and political chief office of the former national government of the Republic of China and commander in chief of the police of Xinjiang Province, announced an uprising and joined the Chinese people's Liberation Army. 1957: American civil rights movement. 1959: Solomon Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka was murdered by a Buddhist monk the next day. 1962: the people's Democratic Republic of Algeria was officially established. 1966: the H-5 front-line Light Tactical bomber manufactured by China Harbin aircraft manufacturing company successfully flew. 1972: Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka visited the people's Republic of China and established formal diplomatic relations between the two countries on 29. 1975: Taipei of the Republic of China and Cleveland, Ohio became sister cities. 1978: Pacific Southwest Airlines flight 182 (Boeing 727) crashed in San Diego, California, killing 144 people. 1981: Belize joined the United Nations and became a member of the United Nations. 1982: David slowinski discovered the 28th Mason prime. 1987: the RTHK television building was officially opened. The station is located at 1A Radio Road, Kowloon, formerly known as Jiayi television headquarters. 1992: the United States launched the Mars Observer probe. 1993: China's first inter Provincial Expressway. 1997: Yankuang Group was established. 1999: Saleh was re elected president of Yemen.

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