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Is September 27, 2021 an auspicious day? Today is an auspicious day

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The existence of

is bound to have its meaning, otherwise it will not exist in China for thousands of years, and it has been extended to the present. Today's young people will also choose to believe it, just because the thoughts of the older generation may have gone deep into the bone marrow, and they will feel that they do not see the words of Huang daojiri every day, which is also a phenomenon of not respecting culture.

2021年9月27日是黄道吉日吗 本日时辰吉凶查询

is September 27, 2021 the auspicious day of the zodiac [lunar calendar] August 21, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] September 27, 2021 [Ganzhi] Xin Chou year + Ding you month + Wu Yin day [xiangchong] Hu richong (Renshen) monkey [shisha] shisha North [auspicious time] 13:00-15:00 [happy God] Southeast [God of fortune] northeast [God of wealth] due north [Twelve Gods] hold the position of [God of value] Tianxing (underworld day)

today's time detailed explanation of good and evil times good and evil times son Chou Yin Mao has not applied for Youxu Hai in the afternoon. What are the good and evil times today: 01:00 ~ 02:59 (Chou Shi), 05:00 ~ 06:59 (Mao Shi) 11: 00 ~ 12:59 (noon), 15:00 ~ 16:59 (Shenshi), 17:00 ~ 18:59 (unitary time)

2021年9月27日是黄道吉日吗 本日时辰吉凶查询

today in history 1907: New Zealand gained autonomy. 1908: the first t-car produced by Ford Motor Company in the United States went offline at the factory in Detroit. 1913: the first National Congress of the Confucian Association was held in Qufu, Shandong Province. 1918: ladomir uprising in Bulgaria. 1928: the national government of the Republic of China was officially recognized by the United States government. 1937: Bali tiger extinct. 1940: Germany, Italy and Japan signed the Treaty of alliance of the Three Kingdoms in Berlin, which established the alliance relationship of the Three Axis powers. 1949: the first plenary session of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference designated the five-star red flag as the national flag and the march of the volunteers as the national anthem. Mao * * was elected as the country * *. 1959: a typhoon hit Honshu Island, Japan, killing nearly 5000 people. 1960: the first television debate was held in the U.S. presidential election. 1965: American stunt pilot and racing driver Beatrice Kelton drives a special car in Utah at 277 miles per hour, breaking the record of the fastest woman driving a car at that time. 1979: the Third World Tourism Organization Congress confirmed that the day was "World Tourism Day". 1981: successful test of self-made rocket in Thailand. 1983: Richard Matthew Stallman, leader of the American free software movement, launched the GNU Project to develop a free UNIX like operating system. 1987: the finance ministers of the group of seven (G7) met for the first time.

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