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August 16 of the lunar calendar in 2021 is the best time of the year

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we will find that some people do different things on the same day, and the results are also different. For example, the old yellow calendar says that it is not suitable to go out today, and the other party will go out, which will actually affect his luck. Therefore, your luck these days will be very bad, because you do not do it in the expected way, knowing that you can't do it, Then it certainly won't bring you good luck, so it's very accurate to say a lucky day.

2021年农历八月十六黄道吉日时辰吉凶 今日最好的时辰

is August 16 of the lunar calendar in 2021 an auspicious day [Gregorian calendar] September 22, 2021 [lunar calendar] August 16 of the peasant calendar in 2021 [Hui calendar] February 14, 1443 [Ganzhi calendar] Ding youyue and GUI youri of the Xin Chou year [five elements of the sun] Jian Feng Jin [sun collides] Chong Tu (Ding MAO) Sha Dong [sun holds God] Jian RI [God on duty] Yu Tang (auspicious star) [fetal God location] the southwest

outside the bed door today's time is auspicious and auspicious. Chong Masha (fierce) Chong Ma Sha South Chong Bingwu dog food Road Kong RI Lu Da Jin Chou Shi (fierce) Chong Yang Sha East Chong Ding Wei Zhuque road Kong Yin Shi (auspicious) When the monkey Sha is in the north, it is in the Wushen heaven. The thief's golden chamber enters your Jinxing Mao time (auspicious) when the chicken Sha is in the west, it is in the Jiyou lucky star. The noble is immortal. When the dog Sha is in the south, it is in the Geng garrison. When the white tiger is happy (auspicious) when the pig Sha is in the East, it is in the retreat of Xinhai. At noon, it is in the Sanhe noble jade Hall (vicious) Chongshusha North chongrenzi prison Liuwu greedy wolf into guiweishi (fierce) chongniusha West chongguichou day break Shenshi (auspicious) chonghusha South chongjiayin ground soldier commander ordered to enter your country Yin Youshi (fierce) chongrabbit Sha East chongyimao gouchen Sanhe Xushi (auspicious) chonglongsha North chongbingchen day punishment land sky Qinglong Wuqu Haishi (auspicious) When Chong Shesha went west, Chong Dingji road Kongming hall post horse Jinxing

2021年农历八月十六黄道吉日时辰吉凶 今日最好的时辰

People born on this day 1876: Andre Tardieu 1882: William kaitel 1885: Ellie von stolheim 1885: Joseph Benedict chivley 1918: Hans scholl 1922: Yang Zhenning 1940: Anna Karina 1942: David Stern 1953: segelin ·Royal 1958: Andre bogali 1964: Kong Qingdong 1969: Matt sharp 1970: Rupert Perry Jones 1970: Emmanuel Petit 1971: Marta Louis 1973: Peng Haoxiang 1974: Bob SAP 1975: Kim Dong Wen 1976: Xiao Huangqi 1976: Rona 1976: Li Zhengying 1978: Huang Changxing 1981: Shu Gu Pleiades 1982: Kitajima Kangjie 1982: Billie Piper 1982: Jiang Yawen 1983: Cai Peilin 1984: Xu Shumin

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