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It's a lucky day on August 20 of the lunar calendar in 2021. Today's time should avoid bad luck

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yellow calendar was developed on the basis of the Chinese lunar calendar. It is a calendar with daily good and bad luck. In China, we always believe that auspicious times and auspicious days can bring us good luck. Therefore, we will refer to the contents of the Yellow calendar to choose an appropriate auspicious day for ourselves.

查询2021年农历八月二十黄道吉日 今天时辰宜忌凶吉

is August 20 of the lunar calendar in 2021 an auspicious day [Gregorian calendar] September 26, 2021 [lunar calendar] August 20, 2021 [Hui calendar] Islamic calendar February 18, 1443 [Ganzhi calendar] Ding youyue and Ding Chou day [riwuxing] streams [sun collides] Chong Yang (Xin Wei) Sha Dong [day holding God] set the day [God on duty] outline (evil star) [fetal God location] the southwest


outside the warehouse toilet today's time is auspicious and auspicious. Chong Ma Sha (fierce) Chong Ma Sha South Chong Jiawu white tiger xunkong ground soldier greedy wolf ugly (auspicious) Chong Yang Sha East Chong Yiwei xunkong Sanhe jade hall Tang Fuyin time (ferocious) when the monkey Sha was in the north, the air thief on bingshen road retreated into guimao (ferocious) when the chicken Sha was in the west, the Ding you didn't meet Yuanwu road. When the air entered Guichen (auspicious) when the dog Sha was in the south, the Wushu didn't meet the dog food commander. The transmission was already (ferocious) when the pig Sha was in the East, the left auxiliary emperor of the sky thief was built on the day of Hai. At noon (auspicious) Chongshusha North chonggengzi Tianbing happy God day Lu Qinglong Weishi (auspicious) chongniusha West Chongxin Chou tianamnesty Mingtang Wuqu Jinxing Shenshi (fierce) chonghusha South chongrenyin Tianxing Liuwu thunder soldier Liuhe Youshi (fierce) chongrabbit Sha East Chonggui Mao Sanhe great progress noble's longevity Xushi (auspicious) When the Dragon Sha was attacked in the north, it rushed to the place of Jiachen to respond to the Golden Chamber of merit. When Cao Hai was attacked in the (fierce) time, it rushed to the snake Sha in the West. It rushed to the second day and broke the


, 查询2021年农历八月二十黄道吉日 今天时辰宜忌凶吉),


People born on this day 1886: Archibald Hill 1888: T. S. Eliot 1889: Martin Heidegger 1897: Paul VI 1898: George Gershwin 1905: Carl ropan 1916: skyrone 1921: Wang Guangmei 1926: Xiao Chai Changjun 1932: Manmohan sin Ge 1950: Li Siqi 1957: Wu Guochang 1962: Wu Zongxian 1967: Guo aiming 1972: Ao Jia 1977: Chen Liqin 1982: Sun Li 1985: Luo Guohui 1987: Zhang Genshuo 1987: Zhang Xiuwen

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