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August 21 of the lunar calendar in 2021 is the best time of the year

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as the saying goes, details determine success or failure. Therefore, we must grasp the details when doing anything. Only in this way can we grasp success. We need to be prepared for success. First of all, we must choose a good day to do things. We should choose the most appropriate auspicious day according to all kinds of information.

2021年农历八月二十一黄道吉日时辰吉凶 今日最好的时辰

is August 21 of the lunar calendar in 2021 the auspicious day of the zodiac [Gregorian calendar] September 27, 2021 [lunar calendar] August 21, 2021 [Hui calendar] February 19, 1443 [Ganzhi calendar] Ding youyue and Wuyin in the year of xinchou [day five elements] Chengtou soil [sun collides] Chonghou (Renshen) Shabei [rizhishen] Zhiri [shensha on duty] Qinglong (auspicious star) [fetal God position] due south outside the bed toilet


today's time is auspicious and auspicious. Zishi (evil) chongmasha is in the south. Bingwu is breaking the ugly (auspicious) chongyangsha is in the East. Ding Weiri is harming the noble man Baoguang Yinshi (evil) Chonghousha north, chongwushen don't meet the white tiger, Wangmao (auspicious) chongjisha West, chongjiyou Tianguan Yutang, sun Shaowei (fierce) chonggousha south, Chonggeng garrison Tianbing Tiangu, God of joy, martial arts has been (fierce) chongzhusha East, chongxinhai dog food, great retreat Luyuan noon (auspicious) When Chong rat Sha was in the north, Chong Renzi liuwujian, the punishment division ordered emperor Wang (fierce) when Chong Niu Sha was in the west, Chong Guichou, Gou Chen lugui Liuhe, Shen Shi (auspicious) when Chong Hu Sha was in the south, Chong Jiayin ground soldier, lucky star Qinglong post horse, you Shi (auspicious) when Chong rabbit Sha was in the East, Chong Yimao tianthief Ming hall into your greedy wolf Xu Shi (fierce) Chonglongsha North chongbingchen road empty Sanhe right Bihai time (fierce) chongshesha West chongdingji Zhuque road empty Jinxing left auxiliary

2021年农历八月二十一黄道吉日时辰吉凶 今日最好的时辰)

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