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On June 21 of the lunar calendar in 2021, the old yellow calendar should avoid today. How's the day

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each of us seems different. In fact, what we have is the same. God has opened a window for us, and naturally he will close another window for us. Therefore, we don't have to envy others. Just be ourselves. Our days depend on our own operation.

2021年农历六月二十一老黄历宜忌 今天日子好吗

how about June 21 of the lunar calendar in 2021? Lunar calendar: June 21, 2021 (June 21) Gregorian calendar: July 30, 2021 eight characters: Xin Chou Yiwei's own Mao fetal God: zhanchuancang - Zhengxi LiuYao outside the gate: friends lead Twelve Gods: value God: Tiande star (zodiac) Tiande Pengzu's Taboos: you don't break the coupons and die, Mao doesn't wear the well, and the water spring doesn't smell. Solar terms: great summer 2021-07-22 22:26:16 solar terms: autumn 2021-08-07 14:53:48 today's old yellow calendar should not be queried. It's appropriate to repair graves and treasure, recruit a son-in-law to worship his ancestors, go to work for wealth, travel for property and seek medical advice. Taboos: settle down, log, fast, pray for blessings, break the ground, bury, and mourn

2021年农历六月二十一老黄历宜忌 今天日子好吗


"Today in history, 1402: Zhu Di, the emperor of the Ming Dynasty, made a great sacrifice to the southern suburbs, that is, the throne. 1619: the first elected colonial Parliament of the United States is convened. 1923: China designed and produced its first aircraft. 1930: in the final of the first World Cup held in Montevideo, Uruguay, Uruguay beat Argentina 4-2 to win the championship. 1932: the 10th Summer Olympic Games opened in Los Angeles, USA. The Republic of China sent a delegation to the Olympic Games for the first time. 1971: the Secretary for education of Hong Kong announced the implementation of free primary education. 1978: the road traffic in the Ryukyu Islands changed back to Japan's left driving at 6 a.m., ending the right driving implemented by the United States since 1945. 1980: the Hebrides in the South Pacific announced the establishment of the independent Republic of Vanuatu. 1984: the first phase of Qinghai Tibet Railway (Xining Golmud section) was put into use.

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