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On June 27 of the lunar calendar in 2021, the Yellow calendar should not query what day it is today

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life, many people choose to escape when facing difficulties rather than find ways to solve them. There are many ways to solve problems. First of all, we can think about how to avoid these risks. The most common thing in life is to choose an auspicious day before doing things, which can bring us good luck.

2021年农历六月二十七黄历宜忌查询 今天是什么日子

what is the date of June 27 of the lunar calendar in 2021? Lunar calendar: June 27, 2021 (2021-6-27) solar calendar: August 05, 2021: Chong (Jimao) suisha: Sha Dongyue Name: Ji Xia LiuYao: Youyin Twelve Gods: full value God: Hell star (underworld) Eight characters: Xin Chou, Yi Wei, Yi you, fetal God: occupy the bed warehouse - the Northwest rilu outside the Dui mill door: Mao orders mutual Lu, Xin orders to enter Lu, Ji Shen Yi trend: don't keep the tomb and bark, don't bend the people's day, sing the stars, tiancang Tianfu tianwu, continue the world. Evil spirits should be avoided: gouchen Tiangou Tianhuo, earth plague, waste blood, avoid evil spirits, nine stars: six white - Green Dragon Star (gold) - auspicious God (a cow cultivates the land, two dragons control the water, and six people share the cake in one day)

today's yellow calendar should avoid inquiry: burying the burden, accepting the son-in-law to travel, planting words, litigation, entering the house, fasting, praying for the son's funeral, grazing, feeding and tailoring should avoid: praying for blessing, installing the vertical column, closing the door, building a stove, moving the land, moving to accept wealth, marrying

2021年农历六月二十七黄历宜忌查询 今天是什么日子

Today in history: 25 years: Liu Xiu officially declared himself Emperor, Emperor Guangwu of the Eastern Han Dynasty. 1305: Scottish national hero William Wallace was captured by the English army near Glasgow and then imprisoned in London. 1600: Gaoli conspiracy occurred in Scotland. 1772: the first partition of Poland - Russia, Poland and Austria jointly signed the partition of Polish territory Treaty of Turkey. 1813: Opium trafficking is strictly prohibited in China. 1919: Ma Liang, the garrison envoy of Jinan, Shandong, created the "Jinan murder case". 1934: the fastest train speed in the United States [source request] 1949: an earthquake in Ecuador killed about 6000 people. 1962: American film actress Marilyn Monroe died in her apartment in Los Angeles due to overdose of sleeping pills. 1988: the International Conference on the history of science and technology in China was held at the University of California, San Diego. 2003: the first giant panda artificially bred in China. 2004: New Baiyun, Guangzhou In 2007, the Korean women's group announced its debut as a girl.

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