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On June 29 of the lunar calendar, 2021, the Yellow calendar should avoid explaining in detail whether the day is good or not

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even if you are excellent, there will be some deficiencies and points you can't achieve. Therefore, everyone has hope in his heart. He hopes to achieve the parts he can't complete and want things to develop smoothly. In fact, we can't ignore the importance of time. The right time can make us get twice the result with half the effort.

2021年农历六月二十九立秋黄历宜忌详解 这天日子好不好

how about the beginning of autumn on June 29 of the lunar calendar in 2021? Lunar calendar: June 29, 2021 (June 29) Gregorian calendar: August 7, 2021 opposite: Chong (Xinsi) suisha: Sha Dongyue Name: Ji Xia LiuYao: Buddha extinguishes the Twelve Gods: fixed value God: noble star (zodiac) The auspicious God of the Ming hall should tend to: six instruments and three harmonies, heaven is noble, Yin is virtuous, Yu Yu is evil, and the moon's wealth should be avoided: when the bow is turned over, the official talisman is dead, Lei Gong is dead, and the four poor heavenly soldiers are tired of flaunting. Peng Zu's taboo: Ding will have a sore if he doesn't shave his head, and Hai won't marry. The groom Nain: the earth on the wall is sand and stone, and the earth on the gold house is empty. It's worth: [Nian] Chen, it's [Yue] Chen, it's [sun] afternoon, Non solar terms: great heat 2021-07-22 22:26:16 solar terms: beginning of autumn 2021-08-07 14:53:48

2021年农历六月二十九立秋黄历宜忌详解 这天日子好不好

On this day, the Yellow calendar should not be explained in detail: pray for the lifting of the vertical column of migration, planting, burial, fasting, entering the house, seeking wealth, opening the warehouse, entering the school, dressing taboo: CI lawsuit, setting up the bed, building the ground, opening the market, marrying, boating, going out to seek medical treatment. Today in history, 338 BC: the battle of Colonia between Athens and Macedonia took place. 1461: Cao Jixiang, the great eunuch of the Ming Dynasty, failed to launch a rebellion. 1743: representatives of Russia and Sweden sign the OBO peace treaty in Turku, Finland. 1782: the American Purple Heart Medal was born. 1933: the Iraqi government slaughters 3000 Assyrians. 1941: in World War II, Soviet planes bombed Berlin for the first time. 1942: Battle of Guadalcanal begins. 1947: an expedition from kayao, Peru, led by Norwegian anthropologist heldal, crosses the Pacific Ocean on a raft to the Tuamotu islands. 1959: August 7th flood occurred in central and southern Taiwan. 1960: Ivory Coast becomes independent. 1965: Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku abdullahman asked Singapore to withdraw from the Federation of Malaysia. 1978: ICAC officers in Hong Kong exposed the "set villa" case in Shatin. 1979: the cargo ship "ludbink" carrying 124 Vietnamese refugees was refused entry to Hong Kong, and the ship was forced to berth on the high seas south of Po Toi Island. Later, after receiving food and water from the Hong Kong government, he sailed to Shanghai the next day. 1998: the US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya exploded successively, killing 224 people. 2007: Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants beat hank Allen's latest record in professional baseball with 756 home runs.

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