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Health experts have tips: pay attention to the five principles of food supplement at the autumnal equinox

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autumnal equinox ranks 16th among the 24 solar terms. At this time, it is autumn. The temperature gradually decreases and the temperature difference between day and night gradually increases. People will catch a cold if they are not careful, so physical health care is also very important at this time. So what do you need to pay attention to in the autumn equinox? Health experts have given five food tonic principles. Now let's understand them together.

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autumnal equinox tonic principle 1. Sweet and light moistening "Zunsheng eight notes" points out: "autumn Qi is dry, and it is easy to eat hemp to moisten it." that is to say, the autumnal equinox solar terms are dry. You should eat more moist and sweet foods such as honey, sesame, almond and so on, which can not only supplement the spleen and stomach, but also nourish the lungs and intestines, It can prevent autumn dryness from causing insufficient body fluid in lungs, intestines and stomach, common symptoms of physical discomfort such as dry cough, dry throat and mouth, intestinal dryness and constipation, or signs of skin loss of luster and withered hair.

therefore, the diet of autumnal equinox should be sweet, light and moist. You can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables with moistening lung and dryness, such as pears, persimmons, oranges, bananas, etc; Fruits and vegetables can eat more carrots, white gourd, tremella, beans and bean products, as well as edible fungi, kelp and laver. After scientific processing, they can make excellent, fragrant and delicious dishes. It can also be made into food or drink, such as honey fried tremella, all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetable juice, etc. Or processed into soup powder soup porridge, such as Mushroom Tofu Soup, lentil porridge, lotus root powder soup, which not only has nutrition, but also moistens dryness. Moreover, fruits and vegetables are rich in water, vitamins and fiber, which is of great benefit to prevent dry mouth, nose and eyes, rough skin and secret stool during the autumnal equinox.

autumnal equinox dietary supplement principle 2. Balanced nutrition nutritionists point out that only the diversification of food can provide comprehensive nutrition to the human body. For example, cereals mainly supply heat energy and vitamin B1; Beans and bean products, mainly supply plant protein; Vegetables and fruits mainly supply vitamin C, inorganic salts and food fiber. In autumn, we should pay more attention to the diversity of food in the diet and the balance of nutrition, so as to supplement the lack of nutrition caused by hot climate and decreased appetite in summer. In particular, we should eat more chewy and fiber rich food.


the principle of dietary health preservation in autumn should be based on the balanced diet of five flavors, and appropriately increase the consumption of sweet, light, sour and moist foods according to the specific situation of individuals, but not too much. When eating, you should chew carefully and swallow slowly, which is not only conducive to the full digestion of food and the complete absorption of nutrients, but also maintain the function and chewing of intestinal moisture through fiber food, so as to generate fluid and moisten dryness, so as to prevent and treat adverse reactions such as dry throat and intestinal dryness constipation in autumn.

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