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Move! Tips for health care of Xiaoxue solar term

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will arrive on November 22, which also means that the light snow solar term is very close to us. The ancient books say: "light snow is cold and will snow. The ground is not cold and even the snow is not heavy." light snow solar terms represent a climate feature. Let's take a look at the health tips of light snow solar terms!

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cold prevention and warmth preservation "123" light snow is the second solar term in winter. It has accumulated overcast, the cold is not deep, but the snow is not heavy. At this time, the humidity of the air will improve the diseases of the respiratory system, but there will be cooling weather after the snow, so it is necessary to keep warm, Prevent colds. It is recommended that you keep warm and warm, and pay attention to your head, abdomen, back, hands and feet.

1. Traditional Chinese medicine of the head believes that "the head is the meeting of various Yang", and Yang Qi is the most sufficient. Modern medicine believes that the head is close to the heart and the supply of oxygen and blood is sufficient. Therefore, it is not harmful for healthy people to "cool their head and warm their feet". It can also enhance the cold resistance of the human body and improve immunity. However, the elderly, people with weak body and low immunity, such as those suffering from chronic bronchitis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other chronic diseases, have poor cold tolerance, so we should do a good job in preventing cold in the head.

2. There are important organs such as lung, heart, spleen and stomach between the abdomen, back, chest and back. In case of cold, heart disease, cough, asthma, stomach pain and diarrhea will make you "sad for a winter". The abdomen of female friends is often cold, which may also cause gynecological diseases such as menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, and even infertility. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the foot sun Bladder Meridian "clamps the spine to the waist, enters the circulation of the Brawn and collaterals of the kidney", and the governor vein "goes up along the spine, passes through the back of the neck to the Fengfu point, and enters the brain", "the waist is the house of the kidney", so keeping the waist and back warm can not only reduce the injury of cold evil, but also prevent colds, strengthen the kidney and strengthen the waist, and prevent the recurrence or aggravation of old diseases.

3. Hands and feet are far from the heart, poor peripheral circulation, less fat and poor heat preservation, so they are easy to suffer from cold. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that several important meridians of the human body converge or start from the foot, "cold starts from the foot", which will affect the whole body and reduce the disease resistance, so it is very important to keep the foot warm. It is recommended that you soak your feet in hot water half an hour before going to bed every night. The water temperature is about 40 ℃ and soak for about 20 minutes to promote blood circulation and warm your feet and strengthen your body. Remind the elderly, pregnant women and other special groups not to soak for too long, so as not to cause discomfort symptoms such as sweating and panic. If there is a wound on the foot, it is not suitable to soak the foot, so as not to cause infection. People with diabetes should not overheat their feet.


are suitable for removing internal heat. Starting from light snow, nature gradually "prospers in Yin and declines in Yang". At this time, many people begin to eat a large number of high calorie foods, even big fish and meat every day, so they begin to have oral ulcers, pimples on their faces and internal heat. The reason is very simple, because in this solar term, the indoor heating starts, the outside is cold, and the clothes are very tight, so the heat in the body can not be emitted. In addition, high calorie diet contributes to the "internal fire" of the body. Therefore, in the light snow season, it is appropriate to clear internal heat. You can drink more hot soup, such as cabbage tofu soup, spinach tofu soup, mutton white radish soup, which is both warm and nourishing body fluid. In addition, cabbage and radish are seasonal foods, rich in vitamins and a variety of trace elements, and white radish is very suitable for consumption in this solar term.


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