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There are "four precautions" after frost to help you keep healthy

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The frost term

comes around October 23 every year, which is the transition from autumn to winter. At this time, if you don't pay attention to human health care, people with weak physique are likely to get sick. So today, let's ask health experts what the "four prevention" after the frost term is and what kind of health care effect can it play?

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"1. Prevent thief wind. The climate in autumn is changeable, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. It is sometimes cold and sometimes hot, which often makes you feel unprepared. If you don't prevent it properly, thief wind will take advantage of it. Experts suggest that in order to prevent the invasion of thief wind, always pay attention to weather changes and increase or decrease clothes at any time. Don't put on winter clothes too early and cover spring and autumn. This can not only effectively inhibit the invasion of thief wind, but also increase the cold resistance of the body.

2. Prevent autumn dryness and air drying in autumn. If you don't pay attention to health care at this time, dryness will damage the body fluid. Its symptoms are dry lips, dry nose, dry mouth, dry throat, dry tongue, dry stool, dry skin and even chapped skin. In order to prevent autumn dryness caused by autumn, we should eat more soft foods such as sesame, honey, tremella, grapes, pears, bananas and fresh vegetables in our daily life. In addition, we should reasonably arrange our daily life, so as to go to bed early and get up early, because going to bed early can nourish yin, and use the time to get up early to breathe fresh air, which can not only relax and nourish our lungs, but also ensure that our body has sufficient body fluid and energy.

III. Prevention of dampness evil health experts pointed out that after entering the frost solar term, we should prevent the harm caused by dampness Yin evil to the body. Because dampness Yin evil will trap Spleen Yang and cause edema or diarrhea in the body. If the spleen is invaded by dampness in autumn, some patients with chronic bronchitis and other diseases are easy to relapse in winter. Therefore, it is particularly important to prevent dampness evil in this season. Experts suggest that in autumn, you should eat more foods that can dispel dampness, remove stagnation and strengthen the stomach and spleen, such as lotus seeds, white gourd, lotus root, yam, etc.


IV. after the autumn frost, the grass began to wither and yellow, and the leaves began to fall. At this time, people will become worried because of seasonal changes. If they are not properly adjusted, it is very easy to induce depression, and there will be bad emotions such as depression, depression and unhappiness. Experts suggest that in order to prevent autumn depression, life must be regular and eat more foods with high protein content, such as milk, eggs, pork, mutton, beans and so on. Often participate in some healthy recreational activities.


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