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Solar terms and numerology: what is the fate of Xiaoman's birth?

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solar terms have a wide and far-reaching impact on people's daily life. For example, many children born before and after each solar term will be named after the solar terms, such as "beginning of spring", "Xiaoman" and "Xiaoxue". However, it seems that people born in different solar terms will really have different personality traits and fate. Let's take a look now, What is the fate of Xiaoman's birth?

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from May 5 to July 5 of the Gregorian calendar is the end of the lunar calendar and the afternoon moon, which is in summer, including summer solar terms such as the beginning of summer, Xiaoman and grain in ear. From the perspective of numerology, people born during this period are those who like water and life. For example, people born in Xiaoman solar term have more fire in the five elements and lack of water. Therefore, people who like water life need the support of water and the assistance of gold, and avoid fire and wood.

for those who like water life born in Xiaoman solar term, the year of pig and the year of rat are their lucky years; Every year, from the beginning of winter to the month of Hai and Zi before the slight cold, they are lucky months; Every month, the auspicious day of pigs and rats is their lucky day. On the contrary, the bad day of pigs and rats is also their bad day. In addition, midnight in the morning, Shenshi to Youshi in the afternoon and Haishi in the evening are their lucky times.


people born in the Xiaoman solar term like water and need the help and support of water. Therefore, those who are lucky enough to have five elements of water are their nobles. They like stimulation and change, don't stick to conventions, like innovation and development, and even like the new and hate the old. Therefore, although they attach importance to feelings, they are also lecherous, and sexual encounters often happen to them.

at the same time, people born in Xiaoman solar term may sometimes be a little sensitive. They love to fight against injustice, and even do everything for their friends and loved ones; They often go their own way. Sometimes they don't care what others say, but they care about being cheated. In addition, although they are not so diligent in their work, they often flash creative sparks, which often makes people feel refreshing.


in terms of solar terms culture, the Xiaoman season in most parts of China is the end of spring and the beginning of summer. The scenery in summer is beautiful, fresh and comfortable. Traditionally, "Xiaoman Xiaoman, too small to be full" is exactly the idea of "everything should be a little full, not too full", which is highly praised by Chinese people. Full will overflow and full will attract damage, so Xiaoman is just good, With such a good moral, Xiaoman will become a good name for people.


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