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What are the main farming practices of Xiaoxue? They are different from place to place

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The solar term of

light snow is named after phenology. During this solar term, the north of the South began to enter winter. There is a saying in the agricultural proverb that "auspicious snow heralds a good year". If there is snow at this time, it is very beneficial to the growth of overwintering wheat. Now let's take a look at the main farming activities of light snow everywhere!

2222 also want to know "light snow is the first solar term"


"light snow farming - during the light snow solar term in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, the lowest temperature in the north is mostly below zero, so we should do a good job in preventing cold and keeping warm for livestock. North China in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River is in the early snow period. In the period of less precipitation, the arrival of light snow is of great significance.

Hebei: "the sky is covered with light snow, and the next year will be a bumper year." this is the praise of farmers' friends for the snow during the light snow solar term. At this time, the snow water can resist drought and cold.


Shandong: "if you don't collect onions in light snow, it will be empty. Radish and cabbage are stored in the cellar. Wheat is irrigated in winter, moisture conservation and antifreeze. Afforestation, tree species collection, reconstruction of waterlogged depressions, water control and ridge control. Water conservancy facilities, canal construction and well drilling."


"Henan: "Start winter with light snow and pay close attention to winter farming. Combine with re sowing to increase harvest. Turn the land deeply and thicken the soil layer. Press sand for soil to freeze pests."

Light snow farming - during the light snow in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River begin to enter winter, and the first frost can be seen in some areas. However, the first snow comes late, usually in the middle and late December. During the light snow solar term, this area began the field management of wheat and rape, and began to accumulate fertilizer.

Jiangsu: "wheat is late at the beginning of winter, and light snow makes fertilizer."

Shanghai and Zhejiang: "there is light snow at the beginning of winter, the north wind is cold, and the cotton grain and oil crops are almost finished. Rape is planted, wheat is sown, and there is no delay in storing enough feed."

light snow farming - South China, Fujian and Guangdong: there are still crops in the fields during the light snow, and there are proverbs to check. There is a saying in Fujian: "light snow points green rice", which refers to late rice. In Guangdong: "The fields are red with light snow" and "the fields are empty with heavy snow". The so-called red here does not mean the red color, but refers to more agricultural work. At this time, we begin to harvest late rice and sow wheat.

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