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Difference between ice flood and flood season: the two seasons are different

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we often don't know much about some nouns, such as ice flood and flood season, but there are great differences between them, so we can't confuse them. Want to know what is the flood season, what is the so-called ice flood, and the specific differences between them? Let's go to the snow and have a look.

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describing the solar term of heavy snow. Generally speaking, the flood season is the rise of the river caused by the rainy season. Ice flood is the rise of river water caused by the melting of ice and snow in winter and spring. What is the flood season? The flood season is because the precipitation in China is generally concentrated in summer. At this time, the river water soars. The flood season is a water conservancy term, which refers to the period when the river water rises regularly and significantly in a year. "Flood season" is the appearance of flood, and "flood season" is the period when the river is full of water. The flood season is not equal to flood, but flood disasters are generally in the flood season. According to the different seasons and causes of flood, it is generally divided into four flood seasons: (1) the flood season mainly caused by rainstorm in summer is called the flood season; (2) the flood season mainly caused by heavy rain (or strong continuous overcast rain) in autumn is called the autumn flood season (3) the flood season caused by ice blocking and thawing in winter and spring is called the ice flood season (4) the flood season mainly caused by the melting of icebergs at the source of rivers in the north or frozen ice caps at the upstream in spring and the rainy season at the turn of spring and summer in the south are called the spring flood season. On the Yellow River, the spring flood season is also known as the peach flood season because the ice flood from the upper reaches to the lower reaches is in full bloom. Because the summer flood season and autumn flood season are close together, they are easy to form large floods. Generally, they are collectively referred to as the autumn flood season, which is usually referred to as the flood season.

what is ice flood, and ice flood refers to water frozen into ice row. The two are different. Ice flood is a hydrological phenomenon that the water level of rivers rises obviously due to the resistance of ice to water flow. It is a phenomenon in the special geographical environment when the northern rivers thaw in spring. Ice cream can sometimes gather into ice plugs or ice dams, causing the water level to rise greatly and eventually flood plains or burst embankments, which is called ice flood. Ice flood forms a river section from lower latitude to higher latitude, with obvious north-south flow. In some northern rivers, the flow direction of some sections is from south to north, such as the sections from Gansu, Ningxia to Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang in the loop of the Yellow River. When thawing in spring, the upstream thaws first, and the floating ice goes down with the water, but the downstream has not thawed, resulting in floating ice blockage and rising water level. Moreover, the floating ice cuts the embankment, which is more likely to break through the embankment and cause flood. If this happens, blasting is often used to eliminate dangerous situations. There is ice flood in the reaches of the Yellow River in Ningxia and Shandong, and there will also be ice flood in the rivers in Northeast China when the above conditions are met. Ice flood may occur during the river closure period in winter and the river opening period in spring. Major rivers in northern China, such as the Yellow River, Heilongjiang and Songhua River, are prone to ice flood.


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