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Is the air conditioner on or off when you catch a little summer heat during confinement?

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postpartum confinement is a stage of physical and mental recovery that every mother has to experience. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the postpartum female's body is still in a state of "insufficient blood and deficiency of Qi", so we should pay careful attention to all aspects in order to smoothly adjust and recover the physiological system. So, if the confinement happens to be in the hot summer solar term, can you turn on the air conditioner? Will it affect the maternal body? Now let's take a look.

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"in China's traditional concept, maternal confinement is always protected in a" airtight "environment, and some even use quilts, long sleeved clothes and stockings. When it comes to the scorching solar terms in summer, can you turn on the air conditioner? In fact, it is OK. When a pregnant woman has just given birth to a newborn, her sweat gland secretion will be strong and easy to sweat. If she feels hot, scientific fan blowing and air conditioning are conducive to postpartum recovery.


postpartum rehabilitation experts pointed out that the purpose of turning on the fan and air conditioner during confinement is to reduce the temperature moderately. As long as the room temperature is reduced, the fan can be blown against the strong wind to turn back the wind, or the electric fan can be adjusted to the soft wind, so that the wind will be softer and the maternal body will feel more comfortable. If you turn on the air conditioner, you should pay attention to the appropriate temperature. During confinement, the maternal's feeling of temperature will be slightly higher than usual by 1-2 degrees. Therefore, you should pay attention not to be too low. As long as you don't feel hot, you can generally adjust the temperature to 27-28 degrees Celsius.


people should sweat properly. If they can't sweat out, they are prone to heatstroke. Pregnant women who are physically and mentally weak after childbirth need to pay more attention to this. Therefore, it's no problem to turn on the fan and air conditioner correctly, but remember not to be too greedy for cool. Pregnant women should pay attention to putting on their clothes whether they turn on the air conditioner or blow the electric fan, Try to cover all parts before blowing, so as to prevent catching cold due to the desire for coolness. Generally, it is recommended that pregnant women wear long clothes, trousers and thin cotton socks, and they can also wear long trousers and short clothes when it is very hot.


obstetricians pointed out that in order to prevent heatstroke, pregnant women should not cover their confinement too much. Air circulation is the best way to dissipate heat and reduce ambient temperature. The maternal room can be properly turned on the air conditioner or fan to reduce the room temperature, but it can't be blown against the maternal and Baobao. Maternal clothes must be breathable and sweat absorbing. If you feel hot, you'd better drink more water. You can choose to drink light saline. Pregnant women should also pay attention to personal hygiene and take a bath in time. When taking a bath, the air cannot flow, but some door cracks and window cracks should be reserved for ventilation. They can't take a bath completely in a closed environment. Diet should be light.


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