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What are the ice flood measures to eliminate the harm at the starting point

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in winter and spring, many large rivers in the north will have ice flood, and the harm of ice flood is also obvious. Therefore, in order to maximize the losses caused by ice flood, we must take some effective measures to prevent it. What are the ice flood measures? Let's have a look at the snow.

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1. Strengthening ice condition observation and prediction is the basis of ice prevention and the eyes and ears of ice prevention. Its purpose is to understand and master all ice and meteorological data and study the development and changes of ice. In case of severe ice, appropriately increase observation points, increase observation times, timely analyze ice conditions, predict the development trend of ice and take ice prevention measures as soon as possible. Ice forecast can increase the foresight and initiative of ice prevention. It is an important basis for commanding ice prevention work and can provide a reliable basis for ice prevention decision-making.


2. The combined use of Xiaolangdi Reservoir and Sanmenxia reservoir, supplemented by Dongpinghu Reservoir, can effectively control the flow of the river channel in the lower reaches of the Yellow River, reduce the channel water storage in the ice flood season, control the ice flood flow in the opening season and reduce the threat of ice flood to the lower reaches of the Yellow River. Make use of the reservoir power generation discharge water temperature to make the river section at a certain distance downstream of the reservoir not frozen.

3. Water diversion and ice diversion part of the water blocked and stored in the river channel by ice is discharged in a planned way through the coastal culvert gate or water diversion project, so as to effectively reduce the tank water storage in the river channel, reduce the peak flow and avoid the flood of ice water. The diversion of culvert and gate in ice flood season shall be subject to unified dispatching, the planned diversion shall be implemented, the appropriate river flow shall be maintained, and the ice situation shall be developed in the direction conducive to ice prevention. In the downstream narrow reach, in order to solve the threat of ice flood, the South and North widening works can be used to separate ice. According to the temporary ice jam, the gate can be opened to separate ice once necessary to reduce the threat of ice flood.

4. Ice breaking and ice breaking is very important for the ice prevention of the Yellow River and plays a great role in the ice prevention work over the years. Explosive blasting is the most effective and practical ice breaking method. Its function is to expand the section, increase the ice discharge capacity and reduce ice jam. The blasting team members shall be familiar with the technology and procedures, select the ice breaking river section according to the principle of "wide river section is not broken and narrow river section is broken", predict the river section that may form ice jam and ice dam, strictly implement the post responsibility system, and select the ice breaking time to ensure the smooth implementation of blasting work.

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