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Way of farming: what should we pay attention to in summer farming?

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summer solar term coincides with the "moderate voltage" of the "dog days", with high temperature and extreme heat, which can be said to be the hottest time of the year. Summer is the time when crops grow fastest, so agricultural production has also ushered in a key period of rush harvest and seed, drought resistance and drainage. So, what should we pay attention to in the farming of the solar term of great heat? Let's get to know.

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"1. Early rice harvest and late rice transplanting in some areas in China, only two crops of rice can be planted a year. The so-called" rice turns yellow day and night in the summer ". For these areas where double cropping rice is planted, harvesting early rice in time can not only reduce the harm caused by wind and rain in the later stage and ensure high yield and harvest, Moreover, it can make double late planting in time to strive for sufficient growth period. We should make flexible arrangements according to the changes of weather. We should cut more on sunny days and plant more on cloudy days. We should finish planting double nights before the end of July, not later than the beginning of autumn.

2. The leaf area of irrigated cotton at the flowering and Bolling stage reaches the maximum value in its life, which is the peak of water demand. It is required that the field soil humidity accounts for 70-80% of the field water capacity. If it is lower than 60%, it will be affected by drought and lead to flower and boll falling, so it must be irrigated immediately. It should be noted that irrigation should not be carried out at high temperature at noon, so as to avoid excessive changes in soil temperature and aggravating the falling off of buds and bells. At the same time, soybean flowering and pod setting is also the critical period of water demand, which is very sensitive to water shortage. The agricultural proverb says: "when the soybean blooms, touch the shrimp in the ditch". In case of drought, it should be watered in time.

3. Drought resistance and hot summer, water evaporation is particularly fast, especially in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, which is in the summer drought period, and the vigorous growing crops have more urgent requirements for water. It is really "light summer rain is like silver and heavy summer rain is like gold". The summer maize in the Huang Huai plain generally has jointing booting and is about to tassel, which is the most critical period for yield formation. We should strictly prevent the harm of "neck drought".


the following are the great summer farming poems summarized by people in the long-term agricultural production, which briefly explain the farming precautions during the great summer in easy to understand language:


the great summer is in the middle and the temperature is high throughout the year. Flood disasters occur frequently, so the task of flood control and drainage is urgent. Spring and summer crops should be rational, and pest control should not be slow. Corn is artificially pollinated, and the upper and lower grains of the stick ear are uniform. Cotton management must pay close attention to, repair, chase and treat insects, and hoe the ground frequently. The top should be knocked out in several times, not later than the end of the month. It is a good time to engage in composting and composting and retting green manure.


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