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Bailu food tonic two treasures, millet and sweet potato are the most healthy

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Bailu is the solar term in autumn. Its arrival represents that the weather has turned cool, the temperature has dropped rapidly and the continuous rain has begun. In traditional health preservation, when the Bailu solar term comes, we should pay attention to preventing autumn dryness, nourishing yin and Qi. In terms of diet, there are two kinds of foods called Bailu tonic treasures, namely millet and sweet potato. Then let's understand the efficacy and function of Bailu solar term eating sweet potato and millet.

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"sweet potato - sweet potato, also known as sweet potato, sweet potato and potato, ranks first in the list of anti-cancer vegetables. Its raw food is crisp and sweet and can replace fruit; Cooked food is sweet. According to traditional Chinese medicine, sweet potato tastes sweet and has a flat nature, which can replenish the spleen and Qi. Compendium of Materia Medica records that sweet potato has the effects of "tonifying deficiency, supplementing qi, strengthening stomach and strengthening kidney yin", making people "live longer and have fewer diseases". Contemporary Chinese materia medica says that it "tonifies the middle and blood, replenishes Qi and generates fluid, broadens the intestines and stomach, dredges constipation. It mainly cures spleen deficiency and edema, sores, swelling and toxin, intestinal dryness and constipation".

and modern medicine points out that the mucus substances in sweet potato, such as mucus protein and mucus polysaccharide, can maintain the elasticity of human cardiovascular wall, prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis, and maintain the lubrication of respiratory tract, digestive tract and joint cavity. Dietary fiber can stimulate the intestine, enhance intestinal peristalsis, defecate and detoxify, especially for senile constipation, and reduce the occurrence of intestinal cancer.

millet - an excellent stomach food, millet, also known as millet, was called Wo in ancient times. In the north of China, it is commonly known as millet and millet after shelling. Millet is native to China and has a cultivation history of more than 8000 years. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that millet tastes sweet, salty and cool, and has the function of tonifying deficiency and strengthening the spleen and stomach. The compendium of Materia Medica says that millet "cures nausea and dysentery, cooks porridge, benefits Dantian, replenishes deficiency and damages, and opens the intestines and stomach." millet sprout (millet sprout) is a traditional Chinese medicine like malt, which can strengthen the stomach and eliminate food. It has the effects of clearing heat and thirst, strengthening stomach and dehumidification, and sleeping with stomach. It is more suitable for those with internal heat and weak spleen and stomach.


millet have high nutritional value. Millet is rich in beneficial elements such as vitamin B1 and B2, which can prevent dyspepsia and sores. Many people know that millet porridge is nutritious, but they do not know that it has unknown advantages under its simple appearance: when there is no appetite and poor appetite, millet porridge is no less effective than appetizers; Under the pressure of work, the stomach discomfort of modern urban white-collar workers has become a common problem. One kind of stomach food is the greenest and has no side effects, that is Xiaomi.


millet are ground into powder to make rice cakes and snacks. They are delicious. In addition to eating, millet can also make wine, malt sugar, etc. In addition, millet can also be boiled into porridge alone, and jujube, red bean, sweet potato, lotus seed, lily, etc. can also be added to boil into porridge with different flavors. In particular, sweet potato with millet is more conducive to health. Therefore, in autumn and winter, when eating sweet potato porridge, you might as well put some millet to inhibit gastric acid secretion and correct the disadvantage that sweet potato is easy to lead to increased gastric acid secretion.

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