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Three usages of radish in winter, ginger in summer and ginger in summer solstice

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The summer solstice solar term

represents the approaching of heat. At this time, it is the plum rain season in Jiangnan area of China. High temperature and humid weather is indispensable. In such weather, people will inevitably feel irritable and tired, loss of appetite, physical pain and discomfort are not uncommon. How can we improve this situation? Nutrition experts tell you, "eat radish in winter and ginger in summer". Ginger with both medicine and food can help you at this time. Then let's take a look at the three usages of ginger in the summer solstice.

冬吃萝卜夏吃姜,夏至时节生姜的三种用法 how do you fish around the summer solstice?

ginger is a perennial herb of Zingiberaceae. It is warm in nature and pungent in taste. It belongs to the meridians of lung, stomach and spleen. It has the functions of sweating and relieving the surface, warming the middle and dispersing the cold, warming the lung and resolving phlegm, reducing stress and stopping vomiting, and can detoxify. According to Li Shizhen's Compendium of Materia Medica, "ginger is pungent but not meat. It can eliminate evil and ward off evil. It is not suitable to eat cooked food raw. Vinegar, sauce, lees, salt and honey can be fried and mixed. It can be mixed with vegetables and fruit can be used as medicine. It is beneficial."


have always been popular among Chinese people that "three pieces of ginger in the morning is better than drinking ginseng soup", but it should be noted that ginger is pungent, warm, dry and irritating, Therefore, it is not suitable for dinner. It is best to eat in the morning and Chinese food. Those with Yin deficiency, internal heat, exterior deficiency, spontaneous sweating and excessive heat should not take it. The Analects of Confucius · villagers' party says, "don't eat ginger, don't eat more." it is recommended to eat about 10g ginger every day and cut it into thin slices of about five or six pieces. Now let's talk about the three usages of ginger in the summer solstice:

1. Take the cold in the plum rain season orally, use half a liang of ginger (cut into thin slices), 1-2 green onions, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar, make it with boiling water, or boil a boiling hot drink, and cover it with sweat. Catch cold, abdominal pain and diarrhea, use 5-6 pieces of ginger, 5 jujubes, an appropriate amount of brown sugar, add a few drops of white vinegar to replace tea. When the cold invades the stomach and vomits due to excessive eating of melons and fruits or cold drinking, decoct with ginger and orange peel. In addition, when cooking balsam pear, towel gourd, cucumber, vegetable melon, watermelon, melon, tomato, eggplant, celery, chrysanthemum brain, sunflower, lettuce, asparagus, watercress, cold potato and other vegetables in summer, adding a few pieces of ginger not only tastes delicious, but also nourishes and Appetizes the stomach; Adding a little ginger to fish, crab, shrimp and meat can detoxify.

2. Simmer and apply externally. For the pain of waist, back and limbs caused by continuous rain and sudden change of temperature, simmer ginger or heat it in microwave oven, cut it into 1cm thick ginger slices, and apply it to the affected area. It has the effects of dispersing cold and relieving pain, relaxing tendons and dredging collaterals.

3. Squeeze juice and apply it in summer. Those with body odor have a heavy smell and are embarrassed. Use an appropriate amount of ginger, mash it, take the juice, and apply it to the affected area frequently. Ge Hong: "good at treating body odor, apply ginger to your armpits". Conclusion of


: in its new book "health law of steaming ginger without getting sick", Ishihara new dish of Japan points out that eating ginger has three functions: first, it can effectively promote body metabolism and raise body temperature; Second, it can clean blood, expand blood vessels and improve blood circulation; Third, it can improve immunity, reduce cholesterol and enhance digestion and absorption.


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