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Don't be greedy! Summer solstice open air conditioning to pay attention to health

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-08 1 0
With the arrival of the summer solstice solar term

, the weather began to turn hot. The hot and humid weather was as miserable as steaming sauna for a long time. In such weather, I believe what everyone wants to do most is to hide in the air-conditioned room, but in fact, turning on the air-conditioning during the summer solstice is also particular, but you can't ignore your health for the sake of being cool. Now let's understand the precautions for turning on the air conditioner at the summer solstice.

莫贪凉!夏至开空调要有所讲究才健康 how many hours do you like the summer solstice?


using air conditioning in summer can adjust the indoor temperature to a comfortable temperature suitable for people's work, study and conversation. In such an environment, people are in a good mood, have a good rest and have high work efficiency. However, according to professional doctors, staying in the air-conditioned room for a long time may lead to more and more discomfort and diseases. When the temperature of


air conditioner is too low, it may cause the contraction of human capillaries and poor blood flow, and the joint muscles will be damaged, resulting in joint muscle pain. In addition, the cold air may stimulate the sympathetic nerve, resulting in the weakening of gastrointestinal function, abdominal distension, abdominal pain or loose stools. These are the symptoms of air conditioning disease. "Air conditioning diseases" such as


have become the annual seasonal diseases of modern urban people. So what should people pay attention to when using air conditioning in order to prevent the occurrence of "air conditioning disease"? Professional doctors suggest that, first, the air conditioning temperature should not be too low. The most comfortable temperature for the human body in summer is 26 ℃, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not exceed 7 ℃, and it is best not to turn on the air conditioning when sleeping at night. The second is in the air-conditioning open gap, the room should often open windows for ventilation.

in addition, many people believe that pregnant women and infants have weak resistance and can not use air conditioning, but doctors point out that this traditional concept is actually a wrong view. In fact, this kind of people can also use air conditioning, but it's the same. Pay attention not to adjust the temperature too low during use. In addition, pay attention to keeping the indoor environment clean and dry.


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