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Solar term health preservation: "four famous tonics" help you keep healthy and reduce frost

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frost term is in late autumn, and the weather is becoming increasingly dry and cold. Such weather is most likely to induce respiratory diseases and damage the lungs. In view of this, Chinese people have been active in health care during frost for a long time, and there is a saying that "it is better to make up for frost in a year". So today, let's take a look at the four kinds of health food for frost reduction solar terms summarized by professional nutritionists. Let the "four famous supplements" accompany you through frost reduction healthily.

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persimmons in Southern Fujian have a saying: "eating persimmons during frost will not make your nose runny.". Persimmon is rich in organic acids, which can tonify the lung and stop runny nose. In addition, the vitamin and sugar content of persimmon is about 1-2 times higher than that of ordinary fruits. It is rich in carotene, riboflavin, vitamins and other trace elements. It has the effects of clearing heat and generating fluid, moistening lung and relieving cough, moistening intestines and stomach. It is especially suitable for people with symptoms such as cough deficiency heat, cough phlegm, virtual labor and hemoptysis of pulmonary tuberculosis. However, persimmon is not easy to digest, and it is easy to get stomach stones when eating on an empty stomach, so it is suitable to eat after dinner.


chestnuts are the frequent season of colds after frost. Chestnuts are rich in vitamin C, which can improve human immunity. If you eat them in moderation, you can stay away from the trouble of colds. In addition, chestnuts taste sweet and warm, containing potassium, zinc, iron and other minerals and soft dietary fiber, diabetes and hypertension patients are also suitable to enjoy. However, eating too many chestnuts at one time will hurt the spleen and stomach. Traditional Chinese medicine suggests eating up to 10 chestnuts a day. Adding chestnuts to all kinds of dishes, stewing soup with chestnuts, cooking porridge and cooking are good choices, but chestnuts should not be eaten with beef, mutton and almonds, which will cause physical discomfort.


fresh jujubes were at the peak of listing before and after frost. Fresh jujube is rich in many nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc. Vitamin C can soften blood vessels, prevent coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis, and help to block the formation of carcinogens. Potassium is good for controlling blood pressure, and magnesium is helpful for fighting stress, etc. However, those with hot jujube, phlegm, constipation and abdominal flatulence are not suitable for women with menstrual period, stomach diseases and diabetes. In addition, the skin of jujube is thin and hard, and a large amount of one-time intake is easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort.


hawthorn hawthorn contains a variety of organic acids, which can improve pepsin activity, promote protein digestion and regulate gastrointestinal motor function. In addition, the flavonoids contained in Hawthorn also have the effects of reducing blood pressure and lipid, anti atherosclerosis and strengthening heart, and can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. However, although hawthorn is appetizing, it should not eat too much. Its pectin and tannic acid content is high, which is easy to lead to gastric stones. It is also taboo to eat with seafood. Calcium and protein in seafood will produce indigestible sediment under the action of Hawthorn tannin. In addition, pregnant women should not eat hawthorn, or cause abortion.


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