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Inheritance and development: the significance of applying for the world heritage of the 24 solar terms

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, China's 24 solar terms, perfectly combines astronomy, phenology, farming and folk customs. It has been used by our people for thousands of years. It is a precious wealth created by our ancients. In April 2014, the Ministry of culture of China officially launched the application for the inclusion of the "24 solar terms" in the UNESCO "human intangible cultural heritage list". Then, what is the significance of the 24 solar terms application? Let's analyze it now.

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the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar perfectly combine astronomy, phenology, farming and folk customs. It has been used by the Chinese people for thousands of years. The ancient wisdom contained in the 24 solar terms is of great value, especially in today's pursuit of "production, life and ecology" and win-win results and striving to build a beautiful China. This spiritual symbol engraved with the mark of agricultural civilization and beating the pulse of traditional culture has embarked on the road of World Heritage application not long ago.


intangible cultural heritage (hereinafter referred to as intangible cultural heritage) are the crystallization of human creativity, imagination, wisdom and labor. For a nation, intangible cultural heritage is the continuation of precious traditional cultural memory and spiritual blood; For the whole mankind, it is the spiritual home that nourishes the soul. To apply for world heritage is to apply to the UNESCO Heritage Committee to join the specific non heritage protection act of world heritage.

then what is the significance of applying for the world heritage of the twenty-four solar terms? In fact, applying for the world heritage is a means and an index for the research and protection of traditional culture. Intangible cultural heritage is hidden in the sub collection of classics and history, also exists in traditional ethics, and is more rooted in the great national spirit. Today, when we pay attention to strengthening the investigation and protection of traditional culture, intangible cultural heritage is our important "index" and precious wealth. Making intangible cultural heritage face the future is not only the need to inherit culture, but also the need to maintain cultural diversity and sustainable development. The successful application of


will help to expand the influence of intangible cultural heritage and strengthen the protection of intangible cultural heritage. However, we should carefully reaffirm the importance of intangible cultural heritage and neglect protection: in the final analysis, the application for world heritage is not to join the UN intangible cultural Heritage list or roster, but to improve people's attention to cultural heritage and better inherit its cultural traditions. On the road of China's intangible cultural heritage protection, the application for world heritage is a wonderful chapter worth remembering. More importantly, it is the traditional cultural protection experience we have continuously accumulated and explored in this process.

"spring rain startles the spring and clears the valley, summer and summer are connected, autumn dew, autumn cold and frost fall, winter snow and winter small cold." a 24 solar terms song has been handed down from generation to generation. It is such a bit of inheritance that conveys the practical appeal of intangible cultural heritage protection and evokes the cultural consciousness of young people from generation to generation, so as to gradually establish cultural self-confidence and move towards cultural self-improvement. The application for the world heritage of the 24 solar terms is not only to inherit cultural traditions facing the future, but also to provide power for the innovation of Chinese contemporary culture and the development of world civilization.


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