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Health food teaches you to make delicious Lily duck

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The solar term of

is around August 23 every year. At this time of year, Chinese people have the custom of eating ducks, and there is a traditional habit in Beijing, that is, to buy Zushu Lily ducks on this day. Summer Lily duck can help people reduce autumn dryness. It is delicious and healthy. Let's learn how to make it today.

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"diet in summer should follow the principle of moistening the lung and strengthening the spleen, and often eat foods that clear away heat, generate fluid and nourish yin, such as ducks, lilies, etc. Duck is one of the four meat dishes of "chicken, duck and fish". Duck is cold in nature, sweet in taste, and returns to the spleen, stomach, lung and kidney meridian. It has the effects of greatly tonifying asthenia and fatigue, nourishing the Yin of the five zang organs, clearing the heat of asthenia and fatigue, tonifying blood and water, nourishing the stomach and generating fluid, relieving cough and constipation, eliminating snail accumulation, clearing heat and strengthening the spleen, promoting water and detumescence. It can mainly treat physical weakness, physical deficiency after illness, malnutrition and edema.


lilies contain protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutritional elements. They not only have good nutritional and nourishing effects, but also can prevent and treat a variety of seasonal diseases caused by dry climate in autumn. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Lily has the effects of clearing fire, tonifying the heart and lungs, clearing the heart and calming the mind. Its flowers and Lin like stems can be used as medicine. It is a flower for both medicine and food. Stewed duck with lily has mellow fragrance and moistening the body. It is very suitable for consumption in this season. Production method of


summer Lily duck: raw materials: duck, lily, Euryale ferox, ginger and salt. The proportion here is one whole duck for a family of four. Methods: wash the lily and Euryale ferox, cut the slaughtered duck into pieces, boil and pick it up, pour the boiled water into the stew cup, put all the materials, stew in water for two hours, add salt and seasoning.


have good health preservation effect on Lily ducks in summer. Lily tastes sweet and bitter, which can tonify the heart and lungs, clear the heart and calm the mind; Duck tastes sweet and slightly cold. It can nourish the Yin of the five internal organs and clear the heat of deficiency and labor. It also has the effects of tonifying blood and water, nourishing stomach and generating fluid, relieving cough and calming shock. Stewed duck with lily is mellow and mellow. It can also moisturize the body. It is very suitable for this season.

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