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Can frosted eggplant be eaten? Nutrition experts have something to say

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there is a folk saying in China, which is called "it is better to replenish frost in a year than to replenish frost". This also shows how important the health care of frost solar terms is, and has formed a habit in people's life. When the frost season comes, there are many foods for people to choose from. Let's see, can frost eggplant be eaten?

霜降茄子能吃吗?营养专家有话说 you may like "frost health picture appreciation"


"nutrition experts say that this saying in China is not unreasonable, but it should be mastered flexibly now. In the past, eggplant grew in the field. In the frost season, eggplant will contain more solanine. Solanine is harmful to human body. Excessive consumption may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. Therefore, there is the saying that "frost beaten eggplant can't be eaten".

but up to now, the technology of growing vegetables has made great progress, especially the use of vegetable greenhouse technology. The eggplant cultivated by it can be eaten safely even in autumn. However, although eggplant can be eaten in all seasons, for those who pay special attention to taste, of course, it is best to eat eggplant in summer.


mentioned the nutritional value of eggplant. Nutrition experts pointed out that eggplant, like other vegetables, is rich in a variety of trace elements. The trace elements contained in eggplant are of great benefit to human health. On the one hand, eating more eggplant is conducive to maintaining the elasticity of blood vessel wall and protecting cardiovascular system. On the other hand, eating more eggplant has the effect of anti-aging. Especially purple eggplant, vitamin content is higher. Among them, vitamin E can prevent bleeding and anti-aging. Eating eggplant often can not increase the cholesterol level in the blood and delay aging.


it should be noted that only proper eating methods can retain the nutrition of eggplant to the greatest extent. Experts suggest that people had better eat less roasted eggplant and fried eggplant, and steamed or cold mixed eggplant. This is because high-temperature cooking will destroy the vitamins contained in eggplant, while steaming and cold mixing will reduce the loss of nutrients and be more easily digested and absorbed by the human body. In addition, the nutritional value of eggplant skin is also very rich. It is recommended that you do not peel eggplant when cooking.

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