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There are taboos in solar terms diet. You can't eat these things when Xiaoman is full

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refers to the small full solar term before and after May 20 every year. As the name suggests, it refers to the time when everything is about to be full. At this time, people's health care also need to control the limit of tonic. If there are some things that are not suitable for eating at this time, they should strictly avoid eating, so as not to cause a burden on the body. So now let's understand what we can't eat when the solar term is small and full.

节气饮食有禁忌,小满时候这些东西不能吃 you may like the complete collection of poems about Xiaoman

I. don't eat too much raw and cold food. After entering Xiaoman, the temperature keeps rising. People often like to use cold drinks to cool down the summer, but excessive cold drinks will lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea and other diseases. At this time, eating raw and cold drinks is easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort and abdominal pain, diarrhea and other diseases. Because the development of children's digestive system is not perfect and the visceral function of the elderly is gradually declining, children and the elderly are more likely to have this situation. Therefore, in terms of diet, we should pay attention to avoid eating too much raw and cold food.

2. Eat less spicy and greasy food that generates moisture and helps wet. After the food is full, there is more and more rain, the air is damp and hot, and the skin is wet and hot, which is easy to cause rubella, rheumatic eczema, sweat spots, eczema, wet skin diseases, tinea pedis, etc. the synopsis of the Golden Chamber · stroke calendar section says: "when evil Qi is in the classics, the body itches and becomes addicted to rash". Therefore, in terms of diet, we should eat less spicy, fat, wet and wet food.

therefore, delicacies such as animal fat, sea fishy fish, sour, astringent and spicy, warm fire AIDS and fried, smoked and roasted things, such as green onion, raw garlic, ginger, mustard, pepper, pepper, fennel, cinnamon, leek, eggplant, mushroom, sea fish, shrimp, crab, seafood hair products, cattle, sheep, dog and goose, should be properly controlled after the Xiaoman Festival, Avoid inducing various skin diseases, and achieve "heat and moisture prevention" and "prevention before disease" from the source.

III. eat less mutton kebabs, hot pot and barbecue food. I believe you have felt the arrival of hot summer. At this time, three or five friends met to eat stalls, mutton kebabs, hot pot and so on. They were in full swing and full of interest. Then they ate a few bottles of iced beer and called it refreshing. However, this is a very unhealthy and extremely unhealthy way of eating.

as mentioned above, fried, smoked, roasted, beef, sheep, shrimp and crab hair is a high calorie, warm and fire aid, which is easy to cause heat accumulation in the intestines and stomach, while iced beer stimulates the intestines and stomach, invading both good and evil, which is easy to cause disharmony between the spleen and stomach, leading to gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases.

of course, the sound of barbecue and drinking on the roadside will always unconsciously attract your footsteps. If you can't help these so-called delicious temptations, it's OK to sit, eat properly and satisfy your taste buds. But pay attention to whether the meat and vegetables you eat are fresh and smell. Most importantly, whether you eat real beef and mutton? In recent years, the news is full of reports of mouse meat passing off as beef and mutton and synthetic beef and mutton. It may happen around you, so I have to pay attention.

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