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What do you eat for health preservation? Heatstroke prevention and heart nourishing food is the best

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is the grain in ear solar term around June 5 every year, which represents the official beginning of midsummer. At this time, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River have entered the yellow plum season. The hot and rainy weather makes people feel bored and tired, and there will be depression in spirit, which is affected by the summer heat. Traditional Chinese medicine says that the best food for tonic at this time is heatstroke prevention and heart nourishing food. Let's see what such foods are.

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"1. In hot summer, duck meat is the first choice for eating meat in summer on the basis of maintaining a reasonable mix of meat and vegetables. The biggest feature of duck meat is not warm, clearing heat and removing fire. According to the principle of "heat is cold" in traditional Chinese medicine, it is eaten in the season when it is easy to get angry. It has a strong role in nourishing yin and stomach, strengthening spleen and tonifying deficiency and diuresis. Anyone with damp heat and excessive deficiency fire in the body is suitable to eat duck meat.


2. American ginseng is cool and tonic, which can reduce fire, generate fluid and eliminate boredom. Take 1-2 grams each time and brew tea instead of tea with boiling water, which is very convenient.


3. After a spring of growth, the loach meat quality reaches the most plump moment at this time. Because it is an excellent food with high protein and low fat, it is called "ginseng in water". The theory of traditional Chinese medicine also believes that loach has the functions of tonifying zhongyiqi, detoxifying and protecting liver, relieving thirst and sobering up, and nourishing face. At the same time, the elderly often eat loach can also help to resist aging and strengthen their health.


4. This season is the spawning period of large yellow croaker, small yellow croaker, mackerel, Spanish mackerel, salmon and turbot. Therefore, it is most suitable to eat these kinds of fish at this time.


conclusion: during the grain in ear season, the temperature gradually rises, the weather turns hot, and "summer heat is easy to enter the heart". Therefore, at this time, people should strengthen the maintenance of the heart, especially the elderly should consciously carry out spiritual recuperation, maintain a state of calm and happy mood, and avoid great sorrow, great joy, anger and depression, so as not to hurt the body and mind. You may also refer to the above several foods with the function of "clearing and tonifying".


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