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I'll tell you all about farming, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing

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small summer solar term represents the official beginning of summer season. On the vast land of China, crops have entered the stage of vigorous growth, and agricultural activities have gradually entered the busy period. So today we will sum up the farming of Xiaoshu through several farming ballads.


and 小暑农事有哪些,农林牧渔四面告诉你 you may like the ancient poem


about slight summer heat. From the festival of


, the slight summer heat enters the summer, the days change without constant rain. In some years, there is little rain, high temperature and low humidity show summer drought. Before and after the summer heat, most parts of southern China enter the season with the most thunderstorms, often accompanied by strong winds, rainstorms and sometimes hail, which is easy to cause disasters.


in the eastern part of South China, due to the control of subtropical high after slight summer heat, many sunny and high-temperature weather began to enter the summer drought period. In view of this, we should pay attention to drought resistance in the South and waterlogging prevention in the north after a slight summer heat. Crops across the country have entered a stage of vigorous growth, and field management needs to be strengthened.


crops are based on the two plans of disaster resistance and harvest, flood prevention and drought resistance. Summer sowing, fixing seedlings among crops, topdressing, insect control and hard hoeing. Spring seedlings are cultivated in the middle with soil to prevent and control diseases and insect pests. When cotton enters the flowering and Bolling period, repair, chase and irrigate as appropriate. Prevent heatstroke and poisoning, master two mornings and two nights, take towels and soap with you, and wear trousers and long coats. Planting vegetables on the idle ground is not slow.


forestry have a good time for afforestation in rainy season, carefully manage orchards, repair elms in winter and mulberry in summer, and repair poplar in summer. Every village retts green manure, and the pile of fertilizer is like mountain wheat to increase production.

is a good time for animal husbandry to cut and sun grass, and a "good meal" for animals in winter. Keep the animals fat in dog days. It's not difficult to grow wheat in autumn.


fisheries have long "three volt" pigs, and increasing bait and disease prevention is the key.

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