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Cool and sweet and relieve the heat. How about eating watermelon in the heat?

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is the solar term of great heat. It is very painful in the hot summer with rising heat waves. At this time, a piece of iced watermelon, cool and sweet, can also relieve the summer heat, it is simply a paradise enjoyment. But is it good to eat watermelon in the summer? Let's have a look.

清凉甜蜜又解暑,大暑吃西瓜好不好? what vegetables do you like to eat in the summer?

watermelon is the first choice for many people. Watermelon is cool and thirst quenching. It can help people clear away heat and toxin, relieve summer heat and annoyance, and make people feel comfortable. At the same time, 94% of the watermelon pulp is water, which has the effect of diuresis and can also help digestion. Watermelon juice is also rich in nutrients needed by the human body, such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, citrulline, alanine, alanine, glutamate, arginine, phosphoric acid, malic acid, carotene, vitamin C, and a small amount of inorganic salts. These substances can effectively supplement the water and nutrition needed by the human body in high temperature seasons. The water and inorganic salts absorbed by eating watermelon can be metabolized into urine, and can also take away excess calories to achieve the effect of clearing summer heat and supplementing qi.


Li Shizhen described the benefits of eating watermelon in great detail in the compendium of Materia Medica. Watermelon is sweet, cold and non-toxic. It not only "dispels annoyance, quenchs thirst, Relieves summer heat", but also "relieves middle and lower Qi, benefits small water, cures blood dysentery, detoxifies alcohol, and cures aphthous". The medical books


also refer to watermelon as "Tiansheng Baihu Decoction". Baihu Decoction is a powerful prescription for traditional Chinese medicine to treat excess heat symptoms such as high fever and thirst. It is said that eating watermelon can achieve the effect of this prescription, which shows the importance doctors attach to it. In today's view, the symptoms of fever, thirst, less urine, sweating and irritability caused by heat stroke or other acute fever in summer can be treated by eating watermelon.

however, eating watermelon is good for relieving summer heat, but it is not suitable for everyone. People with diabetes, spleen and stomach deficiency, and renal insufficiency and pregnant women should not eat more watermelon. Especially the watermelon just taken out of the refrigerator will "hurt the spleen and help wet" if you eat too much. Diabetes patients should also eat less or not eat watermelons, because the high sugar content of watermelon will lead to higher blood sugar. For people with renal insufficiency, it is best to eat less watermelon. Eating more will cause kidney burden and even induce heart disease.

pregnant women should not greedy watermelon, because pregnant women gain weight and exercise, reduce the secretion of a variety of hormones in the body, resulting in glucose metabolism disorders. If you eat too many watermelons, high sugar content in watermelon is easy to cause gestational diabetes. Moreover, the general maternal physique is relatively weak. Eating too much will damage the spleen and stomach. After maternal spleen and stomach injury, it will lead to eating less or poor digestion, which will further affect the amount and quality of milk and indirectly harm the baby.


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