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The time of rime ice and snow festival in 2016 and its best viewing time

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does not know much about Jilin rime ice and snow festival. In fact, every year, Jilin City, Jilin Province will hold a grand ice lantern, lantern garden party, ice and snow games, and carry out activities such as river lanterns, fireworks and color boat parade, which is very lively and interesting. Here's a brief introduction to the time of the rime festival of the heavy snow solar term in 2016...

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"2016 Jilin rime festival time: December 18, 2015 - the end of February 2016. The best time to watch the rime: the rime will only appear in winter, The best season to watch rime in Jilin is from late December to the end of February every year. The ideal shooting time of rime is about 10:00-11:30 a.m.

Jilin rime ice and Snow Festival is held once a year in Jilin City in January. It mainly focuses on watching Jilin rime, one of China's four natural wonders. The festival lasts about one month. During this period, it held a grand northeast Yangko Festival, river lanterns and colored lanterns on the Songhua River, colorful river boat tour, fireworks party, international and national skating, skiing and ice hockey events, various large-scale commodity orders, trade fairs and tourism product fairs, as well as ice lanterns and ice sculpture garden fairs.

Jilin in winter is a paradise for ice and snow sightseeing. Jilin rime, commonly known as tree hanging or snow willow, is known as China's four natural wonders together with Guilin landscape, Yunnan Stone Forest and the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. The Songhua River, which flows through the urban area of Jilin, has experienced severe cold without freezing. On both sides, there are green pines and willows, frost and snow, forming a beautiful scene of ice and jade rime. However, the rime in Jilin is not completely formed by nature.


can also watch colorful ice lanterns, colored lanterns, river lanterns and fireworks in Jilin. There is an ice sports center in the urban area of Jilin. Beishan and Zhuque mountain have specially opened up tourist snow fields and ice amusement parks in winter. Songhua Lake ski resort is 24km away from the urban area and Beida lake ski resort is 56km away from the urban area. Visitors can enjoy horse drawn sleigh, dog drawn sleigh, deer drawn sleigh and skiing, pleasantly surprised by the beauty of snow sports.


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