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Jade trees and flowers are full of spring, and there are complete sentences describing rime

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The beauty of

rime has always attracted the attention of too many people. When we enter the national boundary of rime in the cold winter and the twelfth month, we will never forget it for a long time. Its beauty, purity and beauty are like dreams. Let's enjoy the beautiful sentences describing rime in heavy snow.

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"1. On the ten mile long embankment by the Songhua River, white and crystal frost flowers are covered with branches. Under the sunshine, silver glitters and is beautiful. This is the wonder of Jilin rime.

2. Rime, commonly known as tree hanging, is a natural phenomenon similar to frost in northern winter and a beautiful scenery of ice and snow. It is the result of the continuous accumulation of frozen and sticky fog droplets below zero degrees Celsius in the fog on branches and other objects with the wind, which is shown as white opaque granular structure sediments.

3. When the car drove into the gate of Cuihua Mountain, it was hard to see the snow. Everyone was very disappointed. When approaching the ski resort, look at the branches and grass, covered with rime, and when you get off, light snow particles hit your face. The ground is white on the hillside. Everyone can't believe their eyes. There are ink paintings everywhere. Walking to the ski resort, the tall Santa Claus looks like a student. Several snow machines are making snow. The scene is spectacular.

4. Walking on the highway and looking west, the sun is breaking through the snow fog and rising gradually. The snow white is mixed with a light red, like the red halo on the white girl's face. Somewhat shy, after a while, the West lit up. The vegetation hanging snow on the half slope was shiny and lovely.

5. Jilin rime is magnificent and unique, which is praised by an endless stream of Chinese and foreign tourists. However, few people know the contribution of rime to the natural environment and human health. Jilin rime is catering to a very popular saying: "I'm beautiful and I'm healthy!" whenever rime comes, the ten mile long embankment on the Songhua River bank in Jilin City "suddenly comes like a spring breeze overnight, thousands of trees and pear flowers bloom", willows bear silver flowers, and pines bloom Silver chrysanthemums, bringing people into a poetic and picturesque fairyland.

6. Jilin rime is completely a masterpiece of nature, the creation between heaven and earth, and a beauty given by heaven. It can only be generated when the temperature, humidity, wind force, wind direction and many other conditions are suitable and reasonably matched, and these conditions are beyond the reach of any man-made. Rime has wonderful scenery and is naturally carved, which is also the luck of Jiangcheng people in the north.

7. There is a local saying of "three-stage style" to watch misty pines, that is, to see the clouds on the river in the evening, the trees on both banks in the morning, and the falling flowers everywhere in the afternoon. In our Jilin City, there are folk proverbs of "ten fog and nine rime" and "ten rime and nine fog". In other words, when rime appears in winter, in the evening of the first day, the Songhua River, which is not frozen all year round, will be filled with thick fog and warm current. From a distance, it looks like Tianchi waterfall, spitting fog and clouds.

8. When the sun rises, the fog on the Songhua River will gradually dissipate. At this time, the clear sky is thousands of miles, and the rime is in full bloom. It decorates both sides of the Songhua River crystal clear. The various forms of rime have left people a beautiful and unforgettable time. In my hometown, people love rime and are proud to have such beautiful scenery.

9. The falling of misty pine is usually around 10 a.m. "Wonderful flowers dance in the wind, and they are colorful and make snow fly." at this time, the soft and white rime turns into flakes of snow, chasing and dancing, and scattering down for a long time. It falls on people's heads, on people's faces, and sweetly in people's hearts.

10. The rime fairy has completed the creation of beauty again and again, and is also welcoming the arrival of a new and vibrant spring.


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