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What is the Chaoshan winter solstice cocoon? Wait another year if you don't eat at the winter solstice

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during the winter solstice, many places have different customs and eat different things. They all say that tonics should be taken during the winter solstice, so that they will not be afraid of the cold all winter. In Chaoshan area, the winter solstice cocoon will be eaten during the winter solstice. What is the winter solstice cocoon? If you can't eat it at the winter solstice, you'll have to wait a year.

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winter solstice cocoon is a characteristic food of Huilai in Jieyang City, which can only be eaten during the winter solstice at the end of the year. Steps of


winter solstice cocoon 1. Dice garlic, pork, mushrooms (soak in hot water until soft), carrots and garlic leaves. 2. Stir fry the cut ingredients step by step, shrimp without salt, and others with salt. 3. Pour the stir fried ingredients into the pot and stir evenly to complete the filling. 4 Pour the potato flour into the basin and add boiling water (not too much). You can find that when some potato flour is ripe, take the cooked potato flour and dough, take a dosage, make it into a small bowl, add stuffing, and wrap it into your favorite shape. 5. The most authentic shape is to close it like dumplings, roll it on both sides, pinch it in the middle. 6. Steam it in the pot, and the cocoon does not turn white until the winter solstice, Just put it in translucent package. It's just out of the pot. It's hot and fragrant.


tips PS: 1. There's no doubt that the more abundant the filling is, the more delicious it is. 2. Don't stew for too long, otherwise the potato powder will turn black, but it won't affect the taste. 3. The prepared cocoon will harden when it is cold. You can eat it again by steaming, boiling (add salt, oil, eggs, lettuce, etc.), or frying (it's very delicious, but it's hot, so you can't eat too much)

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