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Postpartum attention! Is it hot in confinement?

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confinement is a very important process for pregnant women, which is related to the recovery of postpartum physical and psychological status, so it is often of great concern to both families of marriage. So, is it hot in confinement? Is there anything to note? Now let's take a look.

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during the small full solar term, the temperature is usually between 22-32 degrees Celsius in the south, and there is often a lot of rain and a lot of rain. In most areas of the north, the temperature is also between 20-30 degrees Celsius, and the climate is more comfortable. Therefore, during this period, as long as you pay attention to the appropriate temperature and humidity, if you feel particularly muggy, don't listen to some wrong traditional customs of the elderly, which will cause damage to the maternity's own body. Although the climate of


is more comfortable than that of human body, it is the second solar term in summer, and the temperature is still high. Because many pregnant women listen to the traditional "confinement" method of the elderly, and even suffer from heatstroke, the room is not ventilated, and they are covered with a quilt to "cover the confinement" on the bed, which leads to physical discomfort.


so, what do you need to pay attention to in confinement?

1. The indoor temperature should not be too high and should be ventilated frequently. We must put an end to the phenomenon of closed doors and windows, and often open windows for ventilation to keep the indoor air fresh. In order to prevent the new mother from catching cold when she breathes, convection can not be used. When she breathes in the room, let the new mother stay in another room, or open the windows of each room while she is out in the sun.

2. When the humidity in the air is too high, the dehumidification function of the air conditioner can be used. It is most appropriate to keep the indoor humidity at about 55%.

3. When the weather is hot, you can use air conditioner, fan or hand fan. Mothers should pay attention to the indoor temperature should be maintained at about 25 degrees Celsius, so that new mothers feel comfortable. Generally speaking, there is no need to turn on the air conditioner when the solar term is small and full, but you can turn on the air conditioner or use a fan when necessary, but you must avoid blowing directly to the new mother. The filter screen of the air conditioner must be washed frequently to prevent bacteria from breeding.


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