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The folk custom of eating noodles in summer is particular

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summer solar term ranks 12th among the 24 solar terms, which is the hottest period in most parts of China. There are also various eating habits in response to this season among the Han people. So today, let's listen to the experts' explanation. What is the solar term and custom of eating noodles in the summer.

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"the solar term in the summer is before and after the Midsummer in the dog days. When it comes to the diet in the dog days, there is a common saying in the north, which is called" the head is covered with dumplings, the second is covered with noodles, and the third is covered with pancakes with eggs ". Experts say that because people have a bad appetite in the dog days, in the traditional customs of the Chinese people, Pasta is an appetizer.

at the same time, because of the hot weather in summer, people sweat a lot, which will lose a lot of protein and amino acids, as well as a lot of B vitamins, potassium, sodium and other minerals. Compared with rice, the protein in white flour is higher, and the B vitamins and various minerals are about twice as high as that in white rice. Therefore, eating noodles is more conducive to supplement nutrition and absorption.


eat noodles in the summer. Nutrition experts have also answered several common questions: first, is the nutrition of spinach noodles and carrot noodles higher than ordinary noodles? Experts pointed out that chlorophyll and carotene are easily decomposed by light. After long-term storage, their color will be lighter and lighter, and their content will be lower and lower. Therefore, vegetable noodles put for a long time are not worth buying. If it's noodles made with vegetable juice on site, it's worth eating.


the other is whether noodle soup should be drunk or not? In short, before and after eating noodles and other starch foods, it is healthy to drink an appropriate amount of noodle soup dissolved in some vitamins and minerals. However, because many noodle products add a lot of salt or alkali to the noodles in order to improve the "muscle strength", such noodle soup is better not to drink. If it is hand-made noodles made with eggs, the salt content is low, you can drink some in moderation.

third, will the nutritional value of watered noodles become worse? When the noodles are watered repeatedly, some B vitamins and potassium will dissolve into the noodle soup, and the content will decrease. However, these nutrients are especially needed by the human body when sweating in summer. Therefore, if you have eaten water noodles, you must make up for these losses through diet matching, such as matching noodles with more vegetables, drinking soup made of bean seeds such as red beans, mung beans and lentils, or drinking whole grain foods such as millet porridge and Babao porridge for the next meal. Conclusion of


: according to historical records, the eating habit of eating noodles on the volt day has begun at least in the Three Kingdoms period. In the past, people had poor living conditions and poor appetite in bitter summer. When they fell, they just finished harvesting wheat. Eating dumplings is to improve their life. You can eat hot noodles in soup in two volt days, which can make people sweat and remove the moisture and heat in the body. Eating pancakes and eggs in dog days allows people to take advantage of the slack season to supplement nutrition and strengthen their physique to meet the harvest in autumn.


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