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Care for yourself: what works best for a cold after the beginning of autumn

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after the beginning of autumn, the weather gradually turns from hot to cool, and the temperature is generally low in the morning and evening. During the day, especially in the afternoon, the temperature may rise again, and even there is "autumn tiger" weather. If you are not careful, people may catch a cold and feel very uncomfortable. So, what is the most effective for a cold after the beginning of autumn? Let's understand and care for our family and ourselves.

关爱自己:立秋后感冒吃什么最管用 you may like it "means"


"after autumn, the weather changes, and colds are mostly caused by virus infection. You should always have Banlangen Granules and other preventive and therapeutic drugs at home. Radix Isatidis contains a variety of active ingredients. It not only has obvious inhibitory and killing effects on more than a dozen viruses such as influenza virus and herpes virus, but also can greatly improve human immunity and has the magical effect of treating both symptoms and signs.


Banlangen Granules are not only suitable for drinking when you have a cold, but also when the weather turns cold or the body feels a little uncomfortable. They can enhance resistance and play the effect of "prevention before disease". In addition, Banlangen Granule is a pure natural plant traditional Chinese medicine, so you don't have to worry about side effects when taking it.

one of the most uncomfortable symptoms of a cold after the beginning of autumn is a dry sore throat. The following Xiaobian will sort out several foods that can effectively alleviate the symptoms of cold, dry, itchy and painful throat:

pears: pears are rich in water and vitamins, which can produce saliva and quench thirst. When you have a sore throat, hard work can reduce fire, moisten the lungs and relieve cough.


sugarcane: sugarcane has the effects of clearing heat, quenching thirst, detoxifying and reducing fire. Eating sugarcane can effectively treat dry sore throat.


kiwifruit: kiwifruit is a kind of sour, dry and cold fruit. After eating, it has the effects of generating fluid, moistening lung, relieving heat and detoxification. It is very good to eat kiwifruit when your throat is sore in dry season.

grapefruit: grapefruit is rich in nutrition, especially vitamin C. eating grapefruit can play a good auxiliary role in the treatment of sore throat and cold.

Apple: Apple has the effects of promoting saliva, relieving thirst and moistening the lungs. It is the most common fruit all year round. Eating apple when you have a sore throat is very effective in treating sore throat.


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