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Food Gospel: how to make frost peanuts? Enjoy delicious food easily

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the ancients described the frost reduction solar terms: "when the air is cold and the frost falls, the Yin begins to condense". During the frost reduction season, there are many suitable foods among the people, such as red persimmon, duck, beef, white radish, etc., while peanuts are also a kind of food that can be eaten more at this time, and even a kind of frost reduction flower is deeply loved by people. So today let's learn how to make frost peanuts.

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ingredients: peanuts without red skin, rock sugar and water. Steps of


: 1. Add an appropriate amount of rock sugar and water into the pot. Don't have too much water. Just cover the rock sugar slightly. 2. Boil sugar. About 7 minutes, the sugar juice in the pot began to bubble. Be sure to endure a little longer, otherwise you can't feel frost. When the juice becomes thick, you can pour the peanuts in and stir fry them quickly. 3. Stir fry for more than ten seconds, let the peanuts be stained with sugar, take them out of the pot, pour them into the oiled plate, separate them while they are hot and let them cool before they can be eaten.

frost peanut production tips: 1. Don't be stingy. Don't be too little rock sugar, otherwise the sugar juice will not be enough. 2. The heat is very important. Don't boil too much. It's too much to boil into caramel. 3. Remember to leave while it is hot after going abroad, otherwise the work may fall short. 4. After the frosted peanuts are finished, wash the pot with hot water. Cold water can't wash the sugar. Wash it with hot water, and then wipe it gently with a cleaning cloth, and the sugar stain will come down.


peanuts have high nutritional value, good health care function and proper consumption. They can warm the stomach, reduce human cholesterol, delay aging and have strong hematopoietic function. During the frost period, the spleen function is in a vigorous period. Because the spleen and stomach function is too strong, it is easy to cause stomach diseases. For the high incidence of stomach pain in the frost season, eating more peanuts can achieve the purpose of nourishing and warming the stomach. "Drug test" said: "eating peanuts can nourish the stomach, awaken the spleen, smooth the intestines and moisten the dryness." therefore, it is a wise choice to eat peanuts in frost season. You can eat an appropriate amount of raw peanuts (no more than 50g) every day, which is very good for nourishing your stomach.

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