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Seven simple Jingzhe health preserving soups nourish you all year round!

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drink soup before eating, which first alleviates the hunger of the stomach and warms the stomach first. For many busy office workers, there is no time to drink soup, but some healthy health soup is economical and cost-effective, and also saves time.


in this issue, seven simple Jingzhe health preserving soup are counted.


and 银耳鹑蛋汤 what are the first solar terms of


Tremella quail egg soup materials: 12g tremella, 10 quail eggs and an appropriate amount of rock sugar. Practice: water hair tremella, remove impurities, put it into a bowl, add water, and steam it through the cage. Boil the quail eggs in a cold water pot, remove them, put them in cold water and peel off their shells. In addition, use a clean small pot, add water and rock sugar. After boiling, put in the prepared tremella and quail eggs, and remove the floating foam. Efficacy of


: this prescription has the effects of strengthening essence and kidney, supplementing qi and blood, strengthening brain and body. It is beneficial to anemia, maternal and infant malnutrition, neurasthenia, tracheitis, vascular sclerosis, heart disease, metabolic disorder and other patients. Regular eating can prevent senile diseases and prolong life.


Zhuxin Zaoren decoction, 1 pig heart, 15g sour jujube kernel, 15g Poria cocos, 5g Polygala tenuifolia, and an appropriate amount of monosodium glutamate and refined salt. First cut open the pig's heart and wash it; Tuckahoe, sour jujube kernel and Polygala tenuifolia are packed in a spinning cloth bag, tied tightly and put into a casserole with the pig heart. Add an appropriate amount of water. First boil it with martial fire, remove the floating foam, and then stew it slowly over slow fire. After the pig heart is ripe, add a little refined salt and monosodium glutamate to taste.

this decoction has the effects of tonifying blood, nourishing heart, benefiting liver and calming mind. It is suitable for palpitation, insomnia, dreaminess and memory loss caused by heart, liver and blood deficiency; And paroxysmal tachycardia, rheumatic heart disease, neurasthenia, hysteria, etc.


orange peel lotus seed and job's tears duck soup materials: 6G orange peel, 30g lotus seed meat, 30g fried job's tears, 12g Huaishan, 10g ginger and 250g water duck meat. Method: first wash the duck meat with clean water and cut it into pieces. Stir fry job's tears in an iron pot until slightly yellow, remove the core of lotus seeds and wash them, soak Huaishan in water, wash tangerine peel and ginger with water, then put all the materials into the soup pot, add water, boil over high fire, and then simmer over low heat for 2 hours to season. Efficacy: this decoction can tonify the spleen and stomach, remove dampness and stop diarrhea, especially for those with heavy moisture and sparse stool.

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