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Life experts teach you to learn and pay attention to summer

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The term

means that the hot summer has finally come to an end. After the summer, the weather really starts to turn cool, and the temperature difference between day and night is obvious. In this season of hot and cold conversion, people need to pay close attention to the convergence of Yang and be careful not to get cold. So today, let the life experts sum up the precautions for you.

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"dress tips: don't rush to add clothes. As the saying goes, "spring covers autumn", it is intended to keep the body temperature not too high in autumn, so as to restrain Yang Qi. Because when the heat "goes out", there must be cold exchange in. However, when you go out at night, you should add clothes to protect Yang Qi. Sleeping tips of


: close the doors and windows and cover the abdomen with a thin quilt to prevent the circulation of autumn wind and cool the spleen and stomach. When autumn comes, we need to ensure adequate sleep, change the habit of sleeping late in summer, strive to fall asleep before 10 p.m., so as to increase one hour's sleep than in summer, and ensure to go to bed early and get up early. In addition, an appropriate nap is also conducive to resolving autumn fatigue.

indoor tips: as long as the room temperature is not high during the day, do not turn on the air conditioner, but open the window to make the air flow.

disease prevention tips: before the autumnal equinox, the climate variables are large, the temperature before the rain is hot, and the temperature after the rain is cool, which is easy to cause wind cold or wind hot cold. In the early stage of onset, food therapy should be used to restore balance in time.

dietary tips: you can eat warm and tonic food. If the person with no acne or red face has the habit of eating spicy food, he can eat some chili, pepper and other food appropriately; People who have drinking habits may drink less wine, and Baijiu and yellow wine must be heated. The staple food is to eat refined white flour to replenish qi; People who like to eat red dates and longan can eat several in the morning. In addition, try not to eat radish (except carrot) in the solar term of summer. Radish is the master of Qi. At this time, people's Qi is insufficient. Eating radish is easy to hurt their Qi.


emotional tips: the main "harvest" in autumn. Therefore, the mood should slowly converge, and everything should not be restless, excited, timid and depressed. "The mind should be clear and clear, and the sex should keep quiet". In the change of seasons, maintain the stability of the mind, and pay attention to the adjustment of the body, mind and breath, so as to maintain vitality.


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