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What are the most appropriate Xiaoman solar term health tea?

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is a small full solar term. At this time, people may really feel the pace of summer. At this time, the rainfall increases, and the muggy and humid weather is easy to make people lose sleep, depression, loss of appetite, sore mouth, etc. so how should people adjust their diet at this time? Now let's see what Xiaoman solar term health tea has.

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Huoxiang Qingre tea main ingredients: 3 grams of fresh Huoxiang, Peilan, lotus leaf, bamboo leaf, mint, reed root and Dendrobium. Brewing method: wash and cut into pieces, brew with boiling water, filter out and serve as tea. Efficacy: this tea has the effects of clearing away heat and dampness, strengthening spleen and stomach, generating saliva and relieving thirst, and preventing heatstroke.


fresh Huoxiang flavor; Sexual microtherm; Efficacy: dispel heat and relieve heat; Dehumidification and stomach; Perrin is pungent in taste and flat in nature; Efficacy: relieve heat and dampness, prevent filth and middle; Lotus leaves are slightly bitter and mild in nature; Efficacy: clearing away heat, clearing Yang, cooling blood and stopping bleeding; Bamboo leaves are sweet and light in taste and cold in nature; Efficacy: clearing away heat and annoyance, generating saliva and diuresis; Peppermint is spicy and cool; Evacuate wind heat, clear the leader, benefit the pharynx and rash, soothe the liver and Qi; Reed roots are sweet and cold; Function: clearing away heat, generating fluid, removing annoyance, stopping vomiting and diuresis; Dendrobium: slightly cold; Gan; Efficacy: Yiwei Shengjin, Ziyin Qingre.

orange lotus slimming tea ingredients: 10g orange peel, 15g lotus leaf, 3G fried hawthorn and 3G raw malt. Preparation method: put all materials into 500cc boiling water, decoct over low heat for 20 minutes, remove the residue, drink the juice and take warm clothes. Efficacy: strengthen the spleen, reduce body fat, reduce fat and lose weight.


and stomach regulating spleen tea ingredients: Atractylodes macrocephala 3G, Poria cocos 3G, coix seed 3G, Shenqu 2G, chrysanthemum 2G and flower tea 3G. Preparation method: use 400ml of the decoction of the first five flavors of the medicine to brew flower tea and drink until it tastes light. Efficacy: dehumidification and stagnation, regulating spleen and stomach. Indications: epigastric fullness, stupidity and food stagnation caused by spleen stomach imbalance. Ingredients of


Jianwei Xiaoshi tea: 5g Valley bud and 3G flower tea. Preparation method: decoct the grain sprouts with 250ml water until the water boils, make tea and drink. Efficacy: Invigorating the spleen and appetizing, harmonizing and digesting food. Indications: persistent food, fullness and diarrhea, and lack of diet.

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