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Allusions to solar terms: the origin of "eating new" in Xiaoshu

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is the eleventh solar term in a year. It is summer. There are a variety of eating customs in various places, such as eating radish, dumplings, noodles or mutton. Among many delicacies, Hakka people have the habit of "eating new" in the solar term of Xiaoshu. What is "eating new" and what is its origin? Let's have a look.


, 节气典故故事:小暑“食新”的由来 you may like "Chongqing Xiaoshu solar term food"


"eat new in June. It is a folk activity of Hakka people to worship the great God of grain and their ancestors when they eat the new rice after the sickle of early rice. Due to the war and famine, the Hakka people moved southward from the Central Plains. Because many good plains were occupied by native or earlier residents, the Hakka people could only live on the mountains. They opened up wasteland and cultivated land in the mountains. Most of them lived a hard life. They cooked rice porridge or rice millet as their staple food for three meals a day. It was not easy to eat a dry meal.


after living and working in peace and contentment in the south, Hakka people revered their ancestors for hard cultivation and creating good fields. Since the end of the Song Dynasty, there has been a new custom among the people that early rice ripens and sickles after the annual summer heat. Before they eat their first bite of new rice, they make new rice into dry rice, make new wine, and prepare meat and eggs, as well as newly listed balsam pear, towel gourd, eggplant, etc.


according to the Hakka "amorous feelings", when items are placed on the big grain God's throne for worship, after burning incense and candles, you should read: "please eat new food, thank the big grain God for his grace, rich grain, and bless the family to be smooth, strong and tight." when the incense turns to ashes, burn the coat paper. Then put the dried rice, wine, meat and vegetables on their own table, read "please ancestors (elders) taste new", and worship three times with both hands.


at noon, invite the villagers who have harvested rice to eat new food together, exchange production experience and plan to develop production together. Because of the custom of eating new rice, residents in the city will go to the countryside to buy new rice and eat new rice together with old rice. The dry rice made from the rice planted by yourself tastes delicious and cordial. Generally speaking, the person invited is also a "helper brother" in the countryside. A long-awaited dry meal, coupled with distinctive wine and dishes, tastes different. Nowadays, although it is common to eat dry rice, the new custom of eating is still prevalent in Hakka rural areas.


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