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Solar terms and food customs: what's the saying about eating mutton in the heat?

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mentioned mutton, many people may think that eating mutton in winter has a nourishing effect, but in fact, eating mutton also has a health care effect in the summer solar term, which is the hottest and the largest consumption of human nutrition in a year. So today let's see what it means to eat mutton in the heat.

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mutton is warm in nature and sweet in taste. It enters the lung meridian and eats its skin and meat. It can replenish deficiency, treat fatigue and fill Long Qi; Eat its liver, tonify the liver and brighten the eyes; Eating its lungs can stop a long cough; Eating its kidney can benefit essence and Yang; Eating its belly can eliminate nausea and vomiting. Sheep blood, detoxification; Goat milk can benefit Yin and moisten dryness, treat nausea and thirst. Medicine often says that "tonic is three volts", which should be mainly warm food. Mutton with dry and warm taste can replenish qi and deficiency. It is a good product for tonic and Yang Qi in summer.


sheep's heart is extremely tender. They don't waste their teeth and have little smell of mutton. They are very suitable for the elderly. Sheep liver is waxy and hard. Its color must be observed. Brown is hard and powder is waxy. Because sheep only eat grass, there is no "Clenbuterol" in its internal organs and meat, so it is much safer than eating pig liver and pork.

the "vase head" in the tripe is fat and soft, and there is no pain of lean meat filling teeth. Because it is rich in "gastric membrane element", people with stomach diseases should eat it. Sheep's feet are covered with bones. If they are not hot enough, it will be tiring and laborious to eat them; Those who are crisp and soft have Zi and flavor. Sheep's skin is rich in collagen. At the same time, according to the traditional Chinese medicine that sheep enter the lung meridian, the lung governs the fur, and the skin is used to supplement the skin, its beauty effect can not be underestimated.


sheep blood can be used for emergency rescue in case of acute arsenic poisoning in places where there is a lack of medicine and transportation. Sheep's blood and tofu are used as soup, one red and one white, and a few garlic leaves are placed on it. It has complete color, aroma and taste. It is an economical public dish. It is suitable for young and old, and can remove the aerobic radicals in the human body.

sheep waist porridge, that is, cut the sheep waist into small pieces and cook porridge with rice. There are also people who cook one or two sparrows together. The book says that they specialize in treating kidney deficiency in the elderly. Although sparrows can replenish the Yang, they are protected by law. They eat sparrows to replenish the kidney. If they are detained for it, the gain is not worth the loss. Give up sparrows and add one or two more sheep kidneys.

some places used to eat sheep cream in winter. Wash 1 / 4 or 1 / 2 sheep, put them in a wok, add radish, ginger, yellow rice wine and water, and cook. Remove the radish and ginger, remove the sheep bones, put them back into the wok, add rock sugar and water, and cook the mutton until it is rotten. Take out, wait until cold, cut into small pieces, that is, sheep paste. Eat one or two pieces or more a day, depending on your own situation. If you put the sheep cream in the summer, you have the reason to eat mutton in the summer, and you also have the move to eat mutton and cook wine in the summer. So there was mutton Festival and sheep Festival.


in summer, the human body consumes more energy. At this time, it should be said that it is very appropriate and necessary to supplement energy with mutton filled with long Qi. Because of its effectiveness, this custom has been preserved and accepted by more and more people. But mutton is not suitable for everyone. People with cold, cough, skin disease and hemoptysis should not eat mutton. As for people with Yin deficiency and fire, it's better to eat less. In addition, you should not eat too much mutton. If you have abdominal distension after eating mutton, you can use mulberry leaf tea to relieve it.


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