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Life experience you must know: precautions after the beginning of autumn

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The arrival of the

solar term at the beginning of autumn represents the beginning of autumn. The summer heat goes to cool. Once the weather changes, it becomes cool. With the change of seasons, will people's lives change? Now let Xiaobian recruit life experience for you. What should you pay attention to after the beginning of autumn.

必须知道的生活经验:立秋后注意事项 you may like the method of catching carp after the beginning of autumn

1. Diet should be reasonable. Pay attention to eat more plant proteins such as beans, eat more fruits and vegetables, don't eat greasy and spicy things, eat less spicy foods such as ginger, garlic and green onions, and don't eat foods easy to get angry.

2. Don't take tonic blindly. There is a saying of "sticking to autumn fat" in autumn, that is, the appetite of the human body will increase greatly. Thinner people can grow meat through tonic. But we should also pay attention to the control. We must not overeat or eat too much, so as to avoid the increase of blood lipid caused by big fish and meat, and other diseases caused by early menstruation.

3. Pay attention to hygiene. In the beginning of autumn, the weather is still hot, and all kinds of bacteria continue to reproduce. If you don't pay attention to hygiene, it is easy to lead to bacterial food poisoning and various infectious diseases. Therefore, you must wash your hands before and after meals. When you go out, you should also pay attention to washing your hands and changing clothes. Don't eat moldy food. All kinds of food should be covered with insect proof covers. The sanitation at home should also be in place, regular cleaning, disinfection and so on.

4. Be alert to psychological diseases in autumn. In autumn, people are easy to feel irritable and unstable, which is easy to lead to psychological diseases such as depression. We must maintain a cheerful temperament, make ourselves happy, communicate more with others, and treat everything calmly. Only in this way can we prevent ourselves from entering the psychological shadow of depression.

5. Pay attention to clothes. When autumn comes, the temperature will decrease to a certain extent. At this time, don't rush to increase clothes and let yourself adapt to the cold, so as to enhance the cold resistance and disease resistance of the body. Also note that when increasing or decreasing clothes, do not increase or decrease sharply, nor increase too much, so as to improve disease resistance. In addition, the autumn night will be cooler. Be sure to cover your abdomen with clothes to avoid catching a cold.

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