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Wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine: tell you what solar term burning is

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The 24 solar terms of

is an important cultural heritage in China. In the long historical process, many intelligent applications have been derived and affect people's life. Solar term burning is one of them. So today, let's understand the wisdom of traditional Chinese Medicine - solar term burning.

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"solar term moxibustion is a method of combining traditional Chinese medicine acupoint therapy and time medicine to prevent and treat diseases, which refers to moxibustion on on human acupoints according to different solar terms. Solar term moxibustion, with its advantages of simplicity, convenience, experience and low cost, has been loved by Chinese doctors and people in previous dynasties and has been used up to now. It occupies a special position in the field of traditional disease prevention and health care.


solar term moxibustion are the main stimulation methods of "solar term Moxibustion". Seasonal solar term is the time condition of "solar term Moxibustion", and it is the key to reflect the theory of "correspondence between heaven and man" in traditional Chinese medicine. In other words, we must carry out "solar term Moxibustion" in specific seasons and solar terms in order to give full play to the best effect. According to the theory of


, the seasonal changes in nature are due to the changes of the Qi of yin and Yang in heaven and earth. Generally speaking, each season has different main Qi, such as: "more yang and less Yin in spring and summer, more yin and less Yang in autumn and winter." man adapts to nature. The internal Yin and Yang of the human body are also affected by the changes of yin and Yang in nature.

the spring equinox, autumn equinox, summer solstice and winter solstice are the turning periods of the growth and decline of yin and Yang in nature. Accordingly, people will also show the growth and decline of yin and Yang. If the internal regulation mechanism of the human body can not make an appropriate response to this, and timely adjust the Yin and Yang of the body to adapt to the changes of yin and Yang in nature, there will be a disease state of imbalance between yin and Yang.

therefore, when Yin and Yang change at the turn of seasons, it is the period when people with old age, long illness and weak body aggravate their condition, induce old diseases and are prone to new diseases. Solar term moxibustion selects the acupoints where each solar term has an impact on the function of human viscera for moxibustion, so as to stimulate the Qi of meridians, warm Qi and blood, adjust Yin and Yang, help the body adapt to the changes of nature, maximize the potential of the body, strain the environment and resist diseases, so as to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment.


are commonly used in clinical practice. In addition to seasonal application, there is also an anti seasonal prevention and treatment idea of "treating winter diseases in summer and treating summer diseases in winter". For example, moxa stick moxibustion is carried out on "three volt" days in summer, and points such as Feishu and Dazhui are applied to prevent and treat asthma, chronic bronchitis and other diseases prone to occur in winter.

this is because according to the law of the four seasons of yin and Yang, the Yang Qi of the human body is more prosperous in spring and summer and more restrained in autumn and winter. Long illness is easy to hurt Yang. In winter, the stagnant Yang is more weak under the influence of nature. In this season, yin and yang are obviously unbalanced, so diseases are aggravated or induced in winter.


if "solar term Moxibustion" is used for prevention and treatment in the off-season in summer, the body can comply with the influence and incentive of the booming Yang Qi in nature in summer, and make maximum use of the homeopathy when the nature and the body are relatively full of Yang Qi in summer, so as to achieve the purpose of warming Yuan Yang, eliminating chronic diseases, balancing yin and Yang and eliminating the root causes of diseases. Therefore, many chronic diseases aggravated or induced in winter can often obtain special effects if they can be treated in summer in advance.


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