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Bailu should be able to cook chicken, and Bailu chicken recipes are released

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With the arrival of

Bailu solar term, the temperature drops rapidly, and many places begin to enter the weather mode of continuous rain. At this time, the health care of human body should follow the principle of Nourishing Yin, supplementing qi and preventing autumn dryness. Green tea, rice wine, longan and sweet potato are all suitable foods, and the delicious Bailu chicken is essential. So today let's look at the recipe of Bailu chicken.

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"main ingredient: 75g chicken breast meat. Accessories: 150g egg white, 50g mullet, 10g starch (broad bean) and 25g carrot. Seasoning: 10g rice wine, 15g milk, 2G monosodium glutamate, 30g chicken oil, 2G salt and 10g coriander. Specific steps of


: 1. Wash the chicken breast, cook it, and slice it into thin slices. The thinner the better. 2. After washing the carrot, scrape off the skin, remove the yellow heart, and then chop it into pieces. 3, put egg white in a bowl, beat it in one direction with chopsticks, until froth and stand upright. 4. Kill the barracuda, smash the clean meat into fine mud, add 5g wet starch, milk, yellow rice wine, refined salt and mix well. 5, pour the egg whites into foam, add the cooked chicken oil and stir the minced meat. 6. Put the chicken piece by piece on the cage cloth to form a square, sprinkle dry starch on it, spread the fish mud, and then put the carrot and coriander leaves on it in two lines. 7. Steam over high heat for 15 minutes after placing, and take it out to cool. 8. Then cut a rectangular block with a length of 5cm and a width of 1.3cm, put it face up in the soup tray and steam it in the drawer. 9. Put the chicken soup into the frying pan, add 5g of refined salt and yellow rice wine, bring to a boil over high heat, add monosodium glutamate and cooked chicken oil, mix well, and pour it on the chicken block.

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