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Summer solstice health dessert, delicious summer solstice porridge

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summer solstice solar term marks the beginning of hot summer, and the weather gradually becomes very hot. There is also a saying of "bitter summer" among the people. At this time, cool and summer food is the most popular, and the summer solstice porridge with sweet taste and health preservation effect is also a popular dessert at this time. Then let's learn the practice of summer solstice porridge, cool and sweet in summer.

夏至养生甜品,美味夏至粥的做法 how do you fish around the summer solstice?  

Yuan Mei, a poet in the Qing Dynasty, is also a recognized gourmet. In his opinion, porridge is a very important food. He wrote in the "food list with the garden" that "porridge is based on rice, and other dishes are also based on the end. This is enough to show the importance of porridge in his mind. The modern medical community is generally recognized that porridge can replenish Yin fluid, produce stomach fluid, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and replenish deficiency damage. It is most suitable to raise people, so many places have the habit of drinking summer solstice porridge. Now let's share a practice of summer solstice sweet porridge.

ingredients: appropriate amount of rice; Water matches the weight of rice porridge; Appropriate amount of job's tears; Proper amount of peanut; Appropriate amount of red beans; Mung bean amount; Appropriate amount of lotus seeds; Proper amount of longan meat; Appropriate amount of wheat; Proper amount of eyebrow beans; A piece of ginger; A piece of tangerine peel; Proper amount of rock sugar.

steps: 1. Wash the materials other than longan for standby. 2. Marinate the rice in oil for standby. 3. Longan meat doesn't need to be washed, and it's not too late to put it after it's almost cooked. 4. First put the cold water into the pot. During the heating process, you can put job's tears, red beans, mung beans, lotus seeds, wheat, eyebrow beans and peanuts. After boiling over high fire, put in the pickled rice and washed ginger. Then turn to medium and low fire to boil for half an hour, put in tangerine peel, and then boil for an hour, put in rock sugar to melt. 5. The effect is better after freezing.

note: rice must be put in after the water rolls.

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