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Wind in Japan: introduction to the 24 solar terms in Japan

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The 24 solar terms of

is a well-known cultural concept in our country. In Japan, people also divide the four seasons of the year into 24 solar terms, and use 24 representative features as representatives to highlight the aesthetic concept of the Japanese nation's pursuit of integration with nature. So today, let's introduce the 24 solar terms in Japan one by one.

立春花道 you may like the couplet of 24 solar terms

Lichun flower path. The traditional Japanese flower path is inherited from the disciples taught by the master. It has the idea of "those who are not suitable will not teach the Tao, and they are afraid to abolish the Tao". Therefore, the master is usually very strict with the disciples, not only the flower arrangement technology, personality charm, living condition The way of thinking is a test, which is closely related to many traditional arts such as tea ceremony. The current flower path school, centered on Jiayuan "Chi Fang", has derived more than 2000-3000 branches, which is a beautiful art derived from life and expressing mind.


rainwater nitrate is called artificial crystal. It was called colored glass in ancient times and nitrate in Japan. It is the art of modern glass. Potassium carbonate initially extracted from plant ash and silica in sand are fused to form nitrate. As the earliest synthetic material, its history can be traced back to 4000 years before the era, and the encounter between nitrate and Japan is after the death age. "Gouyu" and "Guanyu" were found in ancient tombs, and many large and small pieces of nitrate were unearthed. Among them, there are glazed jade articles from China that were once used to decorate Buddha statues and halls. They must have come to Japan with Buddhism.


Jingzhe youzen is a traditional technique for dyeing on cloth. Originally, it was a dyeing technique that used a dye resist made of starch or rice to be painted by hand. After dyeing and forming, it showed colorful colors. Now, similar techniques and styles using type dyeing or digital printing are also collectively referred to as youzen, It is one of the most representative dyeing techniques in Japan. Dyeing after painting on white silk cloth is often used to show the colorful patterns of traditional kimonos. Especially good at using simple lines to express animals and plants, scenery, etc. Since the introduction of bright and colorful chemical dyes in foreign countries, the color has become more and more rich.


spring equinox wind LV Fu wind LV Fu is what we often call "baggage roll" and "baggage skin". Since the birth of cloth, the history of packaging has naturally been born. A simple piece of cloth has only two sides, but it has opened an unusual millennium. In the spring equinox season with willow color and half spring light, the days and nights are evenly divided, and the cold and heat are flat. It's time to find the warm sunshine in spring. Wrap yourself in spring and go on the road. Fenglu is a bathhouse, which is called "soup house" in Edo area, while it is more like "Fenglu house" in Kansai area. Fenglu is actually a steam sauna. When taking a bath, the stripped clothes are wrapped on the bathroom floor, and then gradually spread among the people under the name of "Fenglu Fu". The materials of


wind LV Fu are mostly natural materials, including silk, silk, silk, yarn, shrinkage, cotton and other fabrics. Chemical synthetic fibers have also appeared in recent years. Silk and other traditional fabrics are often used as high-grade wind LV Fu because of their expensive raw materials, special luster and smooth feel. The price is naturally not low. They complement each other with youzen kimono; Shrinkage is easy to shrink after cleaning, and cotton has good water absorption, no harm to human skin, and is convenient for general cleaning. Therefore, it is relatively commonly used for ordinary wind application.

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