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Delicious in late autumn: what are the benefits of frost falling crabs

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frost falling solar term is in the golden autumn. At this time, the crab meat is solid, fat and delicious, which is a good time for people to taste. At the same time, eating crabs in the frost falling season is not only delicious, but also beneficial to the human body. Now let's understand the benefits of frost falling crabs.

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"1. Anti infection and promote wound healing. Crabs contain a large amount of protein, mostly high-quality protein, and these high-quality proteins also contain amino acids, which can increase lymphocyte immunity, promote wound healing and anti infection. After surgery or injured people can eat an appropriate amount of crabs.

2. Detoxification efficacy arginine can participate in energy metabolism and detoxification in the body. Eating an appropriate amount of crab can promote energy balance and excrete toxins in the body. Therefore, patients with constipation can eat more crab meat.

3. Cancer prevention crab meat contains a large number of nutrients, of which the contents of vitamin A and vitamin E are the highest. These two vitamins can protect mucosal epithelial tissue, soften blood vessels and fight against aging. Crabs also contain a large amount of selenium. The content of selenium in every 100 grams of crabs is as high as 56.7 micrograms. Foods with high selenium content can not only improve human immunity, but also prevent tumors and cancer.


however, do not eat too much crabs. As crabs are cold food, excessive consumption will affect gastrointestinal health and induce diarrhea. At the same time, do not eat persimmons, peanuts, pears, cold drinks or tea after eating crabs, so as not to affect the digestion of food or damage the intestines and stomach. The nature of loach is warm and tonic, which is opposite to the function of cold and beneficial crabs. Therefore, loach can not be eaten after eating crabs.

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